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22 Movies You Loved As A Kid That Got Terrible Reviews

According to reviews from the time.

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From the Chicago Tribune: "Dreadful."

From Roger Ebert: "Watching the movie is like attending a party you weren't invited to, and where you don't know anybody, and they're all in on a joke but won't explain it to you."

From the New York Times: "Apparently too much eye of newt got into the formula for Hocus Pocus, transforming a potentially wicked Bette Midler vehicle into an unholy mess."


From Roger Ebert: "Is this a children's movie? I confess I do not know. Millions of kids will go to see it. There used to be movies where it was bad for little kids to hurt grown-ups. Now Kevin bounces bricks off their skulls from the rooftops, and everybody laughs."

From the Las Vegas Mercury: "So, so bad."



From the New York Times: "This film was made very quickly by animation standards, and the haste shows."

From the Houston Chronicle: "In basketball terms, Space Jam is more akin to the 'garbage time' that concludes lopsided games, when reckless playing is no substitute for the real thing."



From the Houston Chronicle: "The vast majority of me — which is not 11 — wanted several times to run screaming into the lobby and plunge my head into the nacho hot-cheese cauldron."

From the New York Daily News: "If you like your burger well-done, you're in for a disappointment."