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    Jason Derulo Said His Huge Penis Had To Be Edited Out Of The Movie "Cats" And I'm Not Sure How I Feel About It

    Another day, another article about Jason Derulo's huge penis.

    If you've been following Jason Derulo's career lately then you know it's revolving heavily around his huge penis.

    Instagram had to take down a picture he posted showing off his big ole' shlong, and Jason literally won't stop talking about it.

    It's dick discourse 24/7.

    So the movie Cats comes out on Friday and it looks terrifying.

    Universal Pictures

    Jason Derulo is in it and he also looks terrifying.

    Universal Pictures

    Andy Cohen spoke to Jason on his radio show and asked him how he was able to hide his huge penis in the spandex he had to wear for Cats, to which Jason said:

    "[They] CGI'd the dick out. I noticed that."

    Andy pressed further, "You think they airbrushed your penis out of 'Cats'?"

    "125%. I literally, I could see it in the trailer."

    Andy asked AGAIN, FOR THE THIRD TIME, "You're like, 'they took my genitalia out of the Cats [movie]?'"

    Jason emphasized AGAIN: "120%."

    So because I am a dick detective, I went to the trailer and this is what I found:

    Universal Pictures

    They CGI'd out the dick.

    Universal Pictures

    Sorry to those that are into humans dressed as scary-ass cats.

    Universal Pictures

    The end.

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