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    In Case You Haven't Noticed, 2016 Is Basically The '90s

    Everything comes full circle.

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    1. Ecto Cooler is for sale in grocery stores.

    2. There's a Clinton running for President.

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    3. Everyone is playing Pokémon.

    4. You can buy Surge in stores.

    5. Crystal Pepsi too.

    6. Crispy M&M's too.

    7. 98 Degrees, O-Town, and Dream are on tour.

    8. Blink-182 has a No. 1 album.

    9. There's a new Harry Potter book out.

    Arun Sankar / AFP / Getty Images

    10. Hilary Duff is on TV.

    Disney, TV Land

    11. Chokers are in again.

    Again, modeled by Britney...who is basically perpetually stuck in 2001 tbh.

    12. Track is back.

    Matt Stopera/BuzzFeed

    13. Juicy is selling their tracksuits at Bloomingdales.

    And speaking of celebrities who were seemingly perpetually wearing Juicy...

    14. ...Britney Spears currently has two songs in the iTunes top 10.


    She's about to over take Justin Timberlake.

    15. Third Eye Blind is making news.


    16. 15 years have passed...

    Taff / Via

    ...and Mariah Carey still doesn't know Jennifer Lopez.


    17. The NES is back.

    18. Tarzan is in theaters.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    19. X-Files is on TV.


    20. It's okay to wear crop tops.


    21. MTV is airing Daria, Cribs, Pimp My Ride, Jackass, and Punk'd.


    On a new channel called MTV Classic.

    22. Reese Witherspoon reprised her role as Elle Woods on Instagram.

    23. There was a new Zoolander movie that came out this year.

    Even though like two people saw it.

    24. Abercrombie is cool again.

    25. Hey Arnold! is being made into a TV movie.


    26. And Leonardo DiCaprio is still dating a rando twenty-something-year-old model.

    Best Images / Best Images/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

    H/T connahomie, who made a tweet about this but has since gone private.

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