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    23 People You Grew Up With That Are 100% Definitely In Jail Now

    Sorry, thems the rules.

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    1. Anyone who had this haircut between the years of 2001-2006.

    2. Kids who ate Fluff sandwiches.

    3. Every kid who was double jointed and always wanted to show you.

    Kids from middle school that would brag about being double-jointed and then do some weird shit with their body, are in jail now.

    4. That one kid who wore the all white suit to prom.

    “All guys who wear white suits to prom are in jail now”

    5. Anyone who can flip their eyelids.

    Guys that loved doing this in primary school are all in jail now

    6. Kids who did this to pencils:

    If you sharpened pencils like this as a kid you defiantly have anger issues as an adult

    7. Also this:

    If you kno you kno!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    8. Kids who ripped the papers out of their binder like this:

    These type of kids from middle school are in jail now

    9. Kids who opened their milk cartons like this:

    everyone in school lunch who opened their milk like this in jail now

    10. Kids who ate ramen that wasn't cooked.

    Kids who ate uncooked Ramen noodles in middle school are all in jail now

    11. Anyone with a BMX screen name, like bmx_ryda92.

    Also anyone with "cherries" in their screen name, like XoCherriesX.

    12. People wHo UsEd 2 tYpE lIkE tHiS iN aWaY mEsSaGes.

    13. Kids who didn't waft in chemistry class.

    All the people that didn’t waft in science classes are in jail now

    14. Anyone who wore a Cookie Monster hat.

    Anyone that wore this hat a few years ago is in jail now.

    15. Anyone who tried to trick you with a fake answering machine message.

    people who used to prank you by fake answering the phone on their answering machines are all in jail now

    16. Kids who enjoyed these:


    17. Anyone who asked for your crust.

    the friends who asked for your pizza crust in highschool are in jail now

    18. Those kids who counted 1,2...

    dudes in 7th grade that would start counting “one, two” when you’d say “just gimme two seconds” are in jail now and it’s because they thought they were smart enough to represent themselves in court

    19. Kids who opened chips like this:

    the people in middle school who opened their bags of chips by squeezing them until they popped are most definitely in jail now

    20. Anyone who incinerated their marshmallows.

    Kids that roasted their marshmallows like this are in jail now

    21. People who don't know how to eat string cheese.

    The kids that bit their string cheese instead of stringing it are in jail now

    22. The kid who kicked the ball at the end of recess.

    All the kids who kicked the ball at the end of recess in elementary are all in jail now

    23. And, of course, the kids who snorted pixie sticks.

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