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32 Important Lessons Learned On Facebook

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot of really important things on Facebook.

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8. You shouldn't rob a bank in the same clothes you're wearing in your profile picture:

The FBI charged a man with robbing five Detroit-area banks after investigators matched him to photos on Facebook. The robber was wearing the same clothes in his profile pictures as he was when he was robbing the banks.

14. Facebook is not the best place for bomb threats:

Tigo Arrington brought attention to himself by posting an implied threat to police on Facebook. When police went to investigate the threat, they found child porn on his computer and he was arrested.

22. Sometimes you have to accept others because they mean a lot to your best friends:

23. Facebook is not the right place to hire a hitman:

In August 2011, a woman successfully hired a hitman on Facebook after posting a message that offered $1,000 to anyone who would kill her ex-boyfriend.

29. You can't pay for stuff you buy online by putting your card in the disc drive:

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