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    25 Images That Will Turn Your Day Around

    The news really sucks lately. Give your mind a quick rest with these pics.

    1. Oh, hi.

    2. The last couple weeks have been pretty lousy.

    3. The election is exhausting.

    4. A hurricane wrecked the East Coast.

    5. Daylight Savings Time just happened.

    6. And it's basically winter.

    7. But chill. It doesn't have to be that way.

    8. Look at this baby dressed as a sub.

    9. Here's a puppy in a pocket.

    10. Oh, Mylanta. This cat just popped out of the wall.

    11. A dog went boogie boarding.

    12. And a corgi gave away free kisses.

    13. Some kind, generous soul put this koala in a coffee mug.

    14. A seal smiled.

    15. A kitten laughed.

    16. These two dogs befriended Jackie Chan.

    17. So did this panda.

    18. A teenager named Georgia accidentally amazingly reinvented the "Phantom Of The Opera."

    19. Rita's husband was found.

    20. Ha ha ha!! Get it?!

    21. Sorry for that. Here's a baby and a puppy.

    22. Nicolas Cage as a sexy female bodybuilder.

    23. And Tom Hanks as a pretty lady.


    25. If not, here's a dog-man thing.