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44 Images That Perfectly Capture The Resilience Of The Human Spirit

A collection of images from the past week that have shown us just how powerful the human spirit really is.

1. At 2:50 p.m. on Monday April 15, pure evil exploded at the Boston Marathon finish line.

2. Moments later, pure goodness showed up.

3. First responders immediately went to work.

4. Normal, everyday people sprung into action.

5. A dude with a cowboy hat HELD SOME GUY'S ARTERY.

6. In the meantime, everyone did what they could.

7. People opened up their homes.

8. The city went into lockdown.

9. But still, restaurants brought first responders food.

10. Bikers brought coffee.

11. And police officers reminded people that this is Boston. They would prevail.

12. While all of this was going on, an explosion at a fertilizer company decimated a small town called West, Texas.

13. Text messages were sent, as people realized just how fortunate they were.

14. In typical Texas fashion, there was (of course) free BBQ.

15. Flags went up on Texas highways.

16. Students at Baylor University waited in long lines to donate blood.

17. While others waited in the rain to do the same.

18. The Texas Rangers held a donation drive.

19. Tip jars across the Texas were popping up to benefit the victims.

20. Kids held bake sales.

21. And random acts of kindness were happening everywhere.

22. People across the country chipped in, sending whatever they could to Texas.

23. Members of the volunteer firefighters in Greensburg, Kansas, held a boot drive.

24. The Cleburne, Texas, McDonald's represented with their Boston gear.

25. Someone even sent an entire schoolhouse!

26. Back in Boston, people created a makeshift memorial.

27. Some left signs.

28. Others left their medals.

29. And duh, there was Sam Adams.

30. That night, the Boston PD flexed their muscles.

31. They were basically the Avengers.

32. At daybreak, when officers made people stay in their homes, this guy brought milk to a family with young children.

33. By nightfall, they got the suspect.

34. Naturally, everyone left their houses and partied in the streets.

35. Police officers included. (Open container laws were apparently temporarily suspended.)

36. The Power Rangers even showed up.

37. At last, police officers could rest and go home to their families.

38. The next day, an excited crowd showed up at Fenway.

39. Signs were made.

40. And everyone was reminded to not mess with the family.

41. It was a good day, especially for this guy.

42. It all just goes to show how these kinds of tragedies bring us all together, regardless of geography.

43. The human spirit always prevails.

44. This sign at a soccer game in Dallas sums it up best: