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    I Saw "Cats" And Now I'm Wondering Why No One Is Talking About How Ian McKellen Was The Weirdest And Best Part Of The Movie

    Something I will truly never forget.

    I finally saw it.

    After writing BuzzFeed post after BuzzFeed post, I decided I had to see it for myself.

    I knew there would be a scene where Rebel Wilson unzipped her skin and ate cockroaches with human faces.

    I was prepared to see Taylor Swift shake her huge cat boobs.

    I was ready to see just how dirty they did Jennifer Hudson.

    And I was poised to hear the word "jellicle" 72,000 times.

    BUT for me, the weirdest and best part of the movie was Ian McKellen.

    First of all, I had no idea he was even in the movie because I hadn't seen people talking about him.

    Second of all, he was incredible.

    I went on Twitter and saw there were other people like me who agreed.

    haven’t seen cats and i won’t see it but im 100% sure all ian mckellen scenes are the only good parts in this movie

    Ian truly embodied a cat.

    Ian Mckellen's performance in Cats was so convincing that I firmly believe he is a cat in human skin

    It was equal parts bizarre and disturbing, but I'm not gonna lie, I loved it.

    This is the best part of cats. Ian McKellen.

    Some of you may not agree...

    people said judi dench was scary in cats, but the source of all my nightmares to come will be, without a doubt, ian mckellen

    ...which, like, I totally understand.

    cats update #3: i had to walk out after i saw ian mckellen licking a plate

    But honestly, he made the movie watchable for me.

    Without a doubt my favourite part of Cats was Ian McKellen singing meow meow meow meow

    From the moment he comes on-screen licking a plate, I was hooked.

    Top 5 scenes from Cats (2019) 5. nothing 4. matters 3. except 2. when 1. Sir Ian McKellen licks plate

    He was funny.

    nobody warned me Ian McKellen’s performance in Cats! would be the comedic performance of the year!!!!!!

    He was brilliant.

    Just saw Cats with the boys. Ian McKellen gives a stellar performance. Taylor Swift got big ol cgi cat tits. A modern classic for sure.

    He made people cry!

    I am completely serious when I say that Ian McKellen is out there giving an actual moving performance in CATS.

    In conclusion, Cats was *truly* an experience but Ian McKellen made it all worth it.

    hey ian mckellen slurping from a dish is just as weird as advertised, go see it. cats in theaters, right now.