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28 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Like You're 87 Years Old

Oh no. Not again.

1. 1994 is as far away from 2017 as 2040 is.

2. And this fall there will be kids in high school who were born in the year 2003.

3. Which means they've never lived in a world without Finding Nemo or Elf.

4. And they're the same age as this classic.

5. Oh, yeah, and the song "Wannabe" is 21 years old.

6. If that's not enough, here's some simple math:

7. Also, we're closer to 2025 than 2008.

8. Kids these days have no idea what Game Boys are...

9. ...they think these are little bricks...

10. ...and an iPod classic means diddly-squat to them.

11. For fuck's sake, some kid thought this was a DVD!

12. I mean, an 18-year-old doesn't know what a Discman is!!!!

13. This is a real book they're selling at book fairs.

14. And so is this:

15. And remember this book?

Well, this is that book now.

16. "Idk, my BFF Jill" is now 10.

"Shoes" is 10 years old:

And this news segment happened 10 years ago. That means "I like turtles" kid is like 20 years old.

17. Seeing something like this on YouTube is all too common.

18. This is how old the Rugrats would be if they were real people:

19. The Wii is a decade old.

And the PlayStation 2 can almost legally vote.

20. Not only is the middle school dance classic "Yeah" the age of an eighth-grader now...

21. ...but they're also calling Sum 41 classic rock.

22. Not to mention that all these songs are 10.

23. And Will Smith?

He looks like Uncle Phil now.

24. Matt Damon is basically a grandpa.

25. Haley Joel Osment is a grown-ass man:

26. Luke Perry is on the cover of AARP magazine...

27. ...and the kid from Love Actually doesn't look like a stuffed animal anymore...he's like an actual person.

28. And, finally, here's a fact we always like to include in these lists because it fucks you up so hard: