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    17 Hanson Mysteries Solved

    All of the important Hanson questions you've always wanted to know, answered in one place.

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    Hanson stopped by the BuzzFeed offices to help solve some mysteries from their past...


    Let's just say, shit got real.

    Mystery 1: Where did you get a suit made of leather? Or maybe pleather?


    Mystery solved:

    Taylor Hanson: No, this is leather, leather. That right there is a baby cow. That is an entire baby cow. PETA is about to call me; they're going to come to my house. I am a fan of good leather.

    Isaac Hanson: Was that John Cirpess or Lord's or somebody?

    Taylor: It wasn't Lord's… It's terrible, I don't remember the name of the designer… It was a small boutique downtown. You basically need to have a couple thousand dollars to throw at your look. We had a really good friend who helped us do some styling. She essentially would knock on as many doors as possible and say, "Hey, do you wanna dress these guys?" I love that jacket too — that's a fantastic jacket. Still have it too.

    Mystery 2: Is that dog in the band?


    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: That was the photographer's dog.

    Zac Hanson: And the photographer's name was Amy Mary…

    Isaac: James? Cannot remember her last name.

    Zac: The dog is in the band. His name is Apples. He's in the studio right now.

    Taylor: We have an Apples pillow; we have a dog pillow that we keep in our studio.

    Isaac: It's a Boston terrier; it's a reference to "How do you like them apples?"

    Mystery 3: What caused this ferocious Zac attack?

    Mystery solved:

    Zac: It had to do with the fact that I'm — and especially when I was younger, I was really obnoxious.

    Taylor: Because of sugar. He responds to sugar in a very distinct way.

    Zac: I'm not sure if Taylor's defending himself or attacking me.

    Taylor: This is what happened: We were standing there in London, at Trafalgar Square. Zac was standing probably over here and did one of those, "Hey, guys!"

    Zac: You may think it's Taylor grabbing, pulling me, but it's actually Taylor trying to save himself from falling.

    Taylor: I'm being victimized by Zac.

    Mystery 4: What the fuck did they do to your faces?

    Mystery solved:

    Zac: There's just something wrong with everyone. Taylor's nose looks like he's got some sort of fungal infection where it's growing.

    Mystery 5: Where do you get a field of people-sized mutant daisies?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: It's next to the Wizard of Oz.

    Mystery 6: Why didn’t Taylor get any sunglasses?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: I'm just the mistreated Hanson.

    Mystery 7: Who took away Taylor’s Seinfeld shirt?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: I was left out of that, again.

    Mystery 8: Why didn’t Taylor get to wear Adidas racing stripes?


    Mystery solved:

    Zac: Hold on, hold on. Notice that my shirt has four stripes? And is a T-shirt, V-neck? Isaac is wearing a zip-up — green, with three black stripes and three white stripes. Not the same shirt. His is a pullover.

    Taylor: The truth is, the stripes, that was such a thing. There are some key style choices. I'm like, "Hey, I'm playing sports here but I'm really loose here." Isaac's more like, training in his tracksuit.

    Mystery 9: What is that thing?


    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: Do you remember that? I have no idea what that is.

    Taylor: We were given that by someone during a press tour.

    Zac: You know what it is? That has got to be a homemade statue of the man from Milwaukee.

    Taylor: You're probably right. That is exactly what that is.

    Isaac: That is exactly what that is.

    Zac: This is a fan-made, probably clay, statue of the character from the bonus track off Middle to Nowhere.

    Mystery 10: What did Isaac want?

    *Isaac thinks about it*

    *He recreates the moment in an attempt to remember*

    Really, what did you always want?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: I blame the photographers. They were always like, "Do something!" and I'm like, "I don't know!" What I really wanted to do was give the finger.

    Then they all got in on the act:

    Mystery 11: Why is this so weird?


    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: Why is this so weird? As a fan, I think it's just us recreating the Beatles cover.

    Isaac: It's also the Anthem cover.

    Taylor: The thing about photos taken of you over the years is that they take on a second life because they go on to someone else's Photoshop thing.

    Mystery 12: Did Zac make it safely to his BMX race in outer space after the show?


    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: No, no, no. We don't BMX. We motocross.

    Mystery 13: How do you spell W-E-R-Q? Who taught you that pose?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: It's kind of Barbra Streisand-y. I feel like we're gonna go record our classic covers album.

    Mystery 14: What was over there?


    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: I don't know why… They had a corner but they blew out the light so much you couldn't even see it.



    Mystery solved:

    Zac: If I did that now it would be so hip, like white-guy gangster style.

    Taylor: Because Zac was the first gangster, the first white-guy gangster.

    Isaac: You could get cornrows.

    Mystery 16: Was Pat O’Brien the real Hanson dad?


    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: He's actually our dad.

    Mystery 17: Whose hand is that?!


    Zac: That's not even Taylor's hand.


    And that's it...for now.

    Unfortunately, we still don't have an answer to this question:

    Does that ladder go all the way to heaven?

    Until next time — WE LOVE YOU, HANSON!

    All Hanson photos by Macey J Foronda.

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