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    17 Hanson Mysteries Solved

    All of the important Hanson questions you've always wanted to know, answered in one place.

    Hanson stopped by the BuzzFeed offices to help solve some mysteries from their past...


    Let's just say, shit got real.

    Mystery 1: Where did you get a suit made of leather? Or maybe pleather?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor Hanson: No, this is leather, leather. That right there is a baby cow. That is an entire baby cow. PETA is about to call me; they're going to come to my house. I am a fan of good leather.

    Isaac Hanson: Was that John Cirpess or Lord's or somebody?

    Taylor: It wasn't Lord's… It's terrible, I don't remember the name of the designer… It was a small boutique downtown. You basically need to have a couple thousand dollars to throw at your look. We had a really good friend who helped us do some styling. She essentially would knock on as many doors as possible and say, "Hey, do you wanna dress these guys?" I love that jacket too — that's a fantastic jacket. Still have it too.

    Mystery 2: Is that dog in the band?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: That was the photographer's dog.

    Zac Hanson: And the photographer's name was Amy Mary…

    Isaac: James? Cannot remember her last name.

    Zac: The dog is in the band. His name is Apples. He's in the studio right now.

    Taylor: We have an Apples pillow; we have a dog pillow that we keep in our studio.

    Isaac: It's a Boston terrier; it's a reference to "How do you like them apples?"

    Mystery 3: What caused this ferocious Zac attack?

    Mystery solved:

    Zac: It had to do with the fact that I'm — and especially when I was younger, I was really obnoxious.

    Taylor: Because of sugar. He responds to sugar in a very distinct way.

    Zac: I'm not sure if Taylor's defending himself or attacking me.

    Taylor: This is what happened: We were standing there in London, at Trafalgar Square. Zac was standing probably over here and did one of those, "Hey, guys!"

    Zac: You may think it's Taylor grabbing, pulling me, but it's actually Taylor trying to save himself from falling.

    Taylor: I'm being victimized by Zac.

    Mystery 4: What the fuck did they do to your faces?

    Mystery solved:

    Zac: There's just something wrong with everyone. Taylor's nose looks like he's got some sort of fungal infection where it's growing.

    Mystery 5: Where do you get a field of people-sized mutant daisies?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: It's next to the Wizard of Oz.

    Mystery 6: Why didn’t Taylor get any sunglasses?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: I'm just the mistreated Hanson.

    Mystery 7: Who took away Taylor’s Seinfeld shirt?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: I was left out of that, again.

    Mystery 8: Why didn’t Taylor get to wear Adidas racing stripes?

    Mystery solved:

    Zac: Hold on, hold on. Notice that my shirt has four stripes? And is a T-shirt, V-neck? Isaac is wearing a zip-up — green, with three black stripes and three white stripes. Not the same shirt. His is a pullover.

    Taylor: The truth is, the stripes, that was such a thing. There are some key style choices. I'm like, "Hey, I'm playing sports here but I'm really loose here." Isaac's more like, training in his tracksuit.

    Mystery 9: What is that thing?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: Do you remember that? I have no idea what that is.

    Taylor: We were given that by someone during a press tour.

    Zac: You know what it is? That has got to be a homemade statue of the man from Milwaukee.

    Taylor: You're probably right. That is exactly what that is.

    Isaac: That is exactly what that is.

    Zac: This is a fan-made, probably clay, statue of the character from the bonus track off Middle to Nowhere.

    Mystery 10: What did Isaac want?

    *Isaac thinks about it*

    *He recreates the moment in an attempt to remember*

    Really, what did you always want?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: I blame the photographers. They were always like, "Do something!" and I'm like, "I don't know!" What I really wanted to do was give the finger.

    Then they all got in on the act:

    Mystery 11: Why is this so weird?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: Why is this so weird? As a fan, I think it's just us recreating the Beatles cover.

    Isaac: It's also the Anthem cover.

    Taylor: The thing about photos taken of you over the years is that they take on a second life because they go on to someone else's Photoshop thing.

    Mystery 12: Did Zac make it safely to his BMX race in outer space after the show?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: No, no, no. We don't BMX. We motocross.

    Mystery 13: How do you spell W-E-R-Q? Who taught you that pose?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: It's kind of Barbra Streisand-y. I feel like we're gonna go record our classic covers album.

    Mystery 14: What was over there?

    Mystery solved:

    Isaac: I don't know why… They had a corner but they blew out the light so much you couldn't even see it.


    Mystery solved:

    Zac: If I did that now it would be so hip, like white-guy gangster style.

    Taylor: Because Zac was the first gangster, the first white-guy gangster.

    Isaac: You could get cornrows.

    Mystery 16: Was Pat O’Brien the real Hanson dad?

    Mystery solved:

    Taylor: He's actually our dad.

    Mystery 17: Whose hand is that?!

    Zac: That's not even Taylor's hand.


    And that's it...for now.

    Unfortunately, we still don't have an answer to this question:

    Does that ladder go all the way to heaven?

    All Hanson photos by Macey J Foronda.