31 Deeply Unsolvable Mysteries About ’90s Hanson

Life is brimming with raw, unanswered questions.

1. Where do you get a suit made of leather?

ID: 989740

2. Is that dog in the band?

ID: 989756

3. What caused this ferocious Zac Attack?

ID: 993532

4. Are all of these the worst answers to any question ever?

ID: 993550

5. Where do you get a field of people-sized mutant daisies?

ID: 989728

Wait… what is that?

ID: 989733

No seriously, what is that.

ID: 989734

6. Why didn’t Taylor get any sunglasses?

ID: 989737

7. Who took away Taylor’s Seinfeld shirt?

ID: 989741

8. Why didn’t Taylor get to wear Adidas racing stripes?

ID: 993791

9. What is that thing?

ID: 989742

10. What does Isaac want?

ID: 989754

11. What do you want, Isaac?

ID: 993583

13. Why is this so weird?

ID: 989745

14. That can’t be real snow, right?

ID: 989759

15. Did Zac make it safely to his BMX race in outer space after the show?

ID: 989761

16. How do you spell W-E-R-Q?

ID: 989764

17. Does that ladder go all the way to heaven?

ID: 989766

18. What’s over there?

ID: 989775

19. Who switched Isaac’s guitar when he wasn’t looking?

ID: 989781

20. What does putting MMMBop on your hand mean?

ID: 989798

21. Is Taylor’s hand the fourth member of the group?

ID: 993597

22. Who can resist the unbeatable combination of midriff and a shearling coat?

ID: 993706

23. Is this the best selfie ever?

ID: 993783

24. Was Pat O’Brien the real Hanson dad?

ID: 989805

25. Did Zac make it to Camp Anawana on time?

ID: 993576

26. What is the name for this look?

ID: 993468

27. Can you handle the pure handsome magnetism of acid washed pants, a black belt with jeans and a fisherman’s knit pullover?

ID: 993684

28. Why does this look so much like all of my facial expressions in my prom photo?

ID: 993672

29. How much does it cost to get a Thomas Kinkade painting screenprinted onto a button-down?

Brenda Chase / Getty Images
ID: 993496

30. How did Isaac’s hair get its magical therapeutic powers?

ID: 993539

31. Is this the most intense photo you’ve ever seen in your life?

ID: 993564

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