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    27 Movies That Made You 200% Gay(er)

    These movies made me gay(er).

    1. Coyote Ugly

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Because it's homophobic that this didn't win an Academy Award when some boring-ass movie like King's Speech did. Tyra Banks was robbed.

    2. The Sister Act franchise

    Warner Bros.

    Because I love that a movie about a Vegas showgirl in the witness protection program becoming a nun and saving a Catholic Church is a gay classic.

    3. Spice World

    Columbia Pictures

    Because I went from "gay" to "gaaaaaaaay" after watching it.

    4. The First Wives Club

    Paramount Pictures

    Because the "You Don't Own Me" scene alone did that.

    5. Titanic

    Paramount Pictures

    Because this made me realize I liked the "aesthetic" of boobs but wasn't really *into them* sexually.

    6. Crossroads

    Paramount Pictures

    Because this movie is art.

    7. Anything where Freddie Prinze Jr. was shirtless

    Warner Bros.

    Because the lawnmower scene in Summer Catch *changed* me.

    8. Disney Channel original movie, Jumping Ship


    Because Lawrence Brothers in a beach-related movie.

    9. The Craft

    Columbia Pictures

    Because this made me gay AND goth.

    10. The Lizzie McGuire Movie


    Because Hilary Duff just seems gay adjacent to me. Side note: Justice for "Sparks."

    11. Bring It On


    Because the cheer "Brrr it's cold in here" is like the gay "Ave Maria."

    12. Legally Blonde


    Because Jennifer Coolidge.

    13. Romy And Michele's High School Reunion

    Buena Vista Pictures

    Because Romy and Michele embodied the gay high school experience, IMO.

    14. Clueless

    Paramount Pictures

    Because all of the *looks* made up for that weird incestuous storyline, no offense.

    15. Divine Secrets Of The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

    Warner Bros.

    Because, honestly, I just love screaming the word "YA YA." It sounds gay.

    16. A League Of Their Own

    Columbia Pictures

    Because 5-year-old and 30-year-old me just want to join a women's professional baseball team with Rosie, Madonna, and the other girls.

    17. Mrs. Doubtfire

    20th Century Fox

    Because this was my first exposure to drag.

    18. Hocus Pocus


    Because this was my second exposure to drag.

    19. Beauty And The Beast


    Because this was my first exposure to bears.

    20. Dirty Dancing

    Vestron Pictures

    Because Patrick Swayze in those little black tank tops just did it for me.

    21. Grease

    Paramount Pictures

    Because I wanted a bad Sandy makeover so badly.

    22. The Lion King


    Because adult Simba.

    23. Showgirls

    United Artists

    Because "ver-sayce."

    24. Selena

    Warner Bros.

    Because "it's a bustier!!!"

    25. Aladdin


    Because, not to be superficial, but Aladdin was really fucking hot.

    26. Devil Wears Prada

    20th Century Fox

    Because Meryl...but also Anne Hathaway (the gay verdict is still out on her.)

    27. Burlesque

    Screen Gems

    Because fucking duh.

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