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25 Friend Requests You Should Never Accept

Save a life. Send this to everyone you know.

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1. Anyone from the Moneygang family:

2. Anyone named Jiggley:

3. Someone with the last name Bigjohnson:

4. The saddest party girl:

5. A student of the Justin Bieber High School:

6. A guy that works between your legs:

7. Someone who is really proud of their flip phone:

8. Someone with the first name Meachnem:

9. Some dude who is REALLY into long hair:

10. Anyone named Lemon Jello:

11. A pageant mom:

12. Someone that wants to be your permanent friend:

13. Satan, the Dark Lord:

14. Either of these next two guys:


16. Someone with the first name Princessfuego:

17. Someone that adds you 4 times:

18. A Nickelback fan:

19. A vampire:

20. Kittyeaters in general:

21. Raggu Pickerson:

22. This guy:

23. Your personal Lord and McSavior:

24. Someone giving a shout out in their own name:

25. A table:

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