Florence Pugh Posted A Before And After Reaction To Her Oscar Nomination And If You Love Her, You'll Love It

    Luv ya, Pugh.

    Florence Pugh had a fairly major 2019.

    She got a cactus, named it Barry, and then had to mutilate it when she found out it was genetically modified.

    She made artisanal peanut butter ice cream.

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    And a bird dropped a big ole' juicy poop on her head.

    She also delivered two of the best performances of the year in Midsommar and Little Women.

    And a side note: I just found out she isn't actually from the US, because her American accent was really that believable.

    So, I was pleasantly surprised and delighted when I saw Miss Pugh (last name pronounced like the name "Hugh" with a "P") was nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of Amy in Little Women.

    Not to skip a social beat, Pugh took to Twitter to react to her surprise nomination.

    She posted her reaction before the moment:

    And her reaction the exact moment she found out:

    BTW, she put the avocado emojis there.

    Luv it and luv you, Pugh!