27 Famous People You Never Knew Vaped

    Literally just a collection of "famous" people who vape.

    Before you read: This is, by no means, an endorsement of vaping. This is simply me wondering who vapes and spending three hours looking through the three photo sources we have at BuzzFeed for pics of people vaping. Love & light to you, too!

    1. First off, we have swirly-haired Robert Pattinson being every bit a vape queen.

    2. Jack Nicholson --> also a vape queen.

    3. Stephen Dorff a'vaping.

    4. Tom Hardy's got a fattie, and by fattie I mean one of those thick-ass vapes.

    5. Miss "AM to PM," Christina Milian, loves a good vape moment.

    6. Here's Sean Penn vaping right there on a stage! ON A STAGE!

    7. Believe it or not, Gloria, Princess of Thurn and Taxis, vapes.

    8. Marc Jacobs, a vaperista.

    9. Obv Shia LaBeouf vapes.

    10. Bow Wow --> vaping.

    11. Vanessa Hudgens, a car vaper.

    12. Michelle Rodriguez? OH yes, she's about the vape life.

    13. Eddie Van Halen = a silly vaper lol!

    14. This is Alan Cumming vaping.

    15. Maxwell, yeah, he vapes!

    16. Leonardo DiCaprio vapes.

    17. Professional badass, Katherine Heigl, vaping on friggin' live TV!

    18. At a dinner, this is Emily Ratajkowskifaskldjf vaping.

    19. Literally no idea who Cailtin Moran is (srsly no offense, and I'll see your angry comments in the comments), but here she is double vape fisting!

    20. This is June Brown. She was on a soap opera in the UK and she does also vape.

    21. This is a picture of Bobby Brown vaping.

    22. Oh yes, it's Steph Duvall!

    23. Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones vaping.

    24. Some guy named James Jordan vapes.

    25. Here's a bunch of dudes at Santa Con vaping.

    26. An old man reading a book.

    27. And lastly, an old man looking at olives...vaping.

    Wow. What a vape journey. The more you know!