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Dear Australia, We Need To Talk About Macca's

I'm confused.

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For a great long while now, like probably a few months, I've been seeing this really weird word all over the internet, mostly from my Australian colleagues.


Like, I get it, Australia, you guys say weird words and abbreviate everything but sometimes it's like I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON.

*Justin Bieber voice*


And usually, THAT'S OK. Culture is cool! Embrace diversity, dood! GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Blah blah blah shrimp on the barbie etc. etc. etc.

But I just have one thing to ask you: WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH MACCA'S?!?!

turns out australians really do call mcdonalds "maccas"

For those who don't believe me, it's true. Australian's really DO legitimately call McDonald's "Macca's."


And believe me, I'm not the only one. Basically everyone outside of Australia is asking... Why?! WHAT...DO...YOU MEAN?!

why do australians call mcdonalds "maccas" 😷😷😷

Why do Australians call McDonolds Maccas?? I just don't get it

When you find out Australians call McDonalds "Macca's" and you're like why tho

Lately it's become sort of, kind of an epidemic.

Like it's blowing up my feeds.

Hey @Twitter, why is my timeline full of crap about @maccas?

AND AGAIN, I mean no offense, I AM ANTI-BULLYING!!!!!

And like, maybe you're right, but I just wanted to make this a thing because IDK EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT MACCA'S LATELY.

Why do Australians call McDonald's "Macca's" like "Just gone for a Macca's" what the FUCK are you saying.

I will never get used to the fact Australians call McDonald's 'macca's'

In the end, I'll have to get over it. People change. You do you or whatever shit. And tbh, it's a fun word to say IRL.

AND you do make some good points...

australians say maccas instead of mcdonalds cause we're lazy af

i can't believe non-australians don't call it maccas. why tire yourself out by using the extra syllable.

But in the end I'm still like, what do you mean?


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