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Thank God, There Are Condoms In The Olympic Village And It's A Lot, Like A Lot A Lot

The Olympic condom unboxing video you've been waiting for.

Every few years when the Olympics come around, you always hear about the Olympic Village being a sex-fueled orgy.


Athletes from all over the world just constantly hooking up with each other!


You always hear about the athletes in the Olympic Village being inundated with condoms.


Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case this year because of COVID-19...


...until now!


Noah Williams and Tom Daley, two divers from Great Britain, have revealed that they got a huge box filled with condoms. Like, it's a lot:

In the video, we see the two divers with a big ole box of condoms:

It comes with a note that says the condoms have been given out at the Games since 1988. "We encourage the athletes to bring them back to their respective countries to help raise awareness on the importance of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and the use of condoms as a preventative measure," it says.

They open the box and it's just full of condoms; we're talking hundreds, maybe even a thousand:

Then we get a close-up of their cute little messages:

Some of the condoms say Stop STIs in multiple languages

The box totally gives me Coach Carr in Mean Girls vibes.

Coach Carr holding out a plastic container filled with condoms
Paramount Pictures

And then the video ends with Tom Daley sensually licking a lollipop.

So there you go: Athletes might still *potentially* be having lots and lots of sex with each other. You can sleep easy knowing that tonight.


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