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    LGBTQ People Shared Their "Baby Gay" Pictures With Us, And If These Pictures Don't Make Your Day, Nothing Will

    Because the signs were everywhere.

    In honor of National Coming Out Day, we asked BuzzFeed Community members to share with us pictures of themselves as kids. Basically, we wanted to see their "Mom, how did you not know?!" pictures. You'll get it when you see it. Enjoy.

    1. "1995 was my peak." —Chanderhan

    A child with glasses and shoulder-length hair posing in front of stacks of Bud Light and other beers in a store display

    2. "Whenever Mom or Dad said, 'Say cheese!' the foot *popped*." —adammtrevino

    A boy in shorts, posing on the grass with one leg raised

    3. "Over it." —Eric Dimitratos, Facebook

    A family photo with three adults, one holding a baby, and two children in the front, a girl smiling and a boy looking annoyed, with his hands on his waist

    4. #BabyButch. —maddief4413102cd

    Young girl wearing jeans and a midriff-baring tank, with hands in jean pockets and a lollipop stick hanging out of their mouth

    5. "America wasn’t the only beautiful one on the 4th of July!" —johnjpotter

    A boy wrapped in a US flag

    6. "Blue satin shorts and my homemade Easter bonnet for school...'nuff said, LOL." —michaelchadfrazier

    A smiling boy in short satin shorts and a large bonnet standing in a doorway

    7. "I have always been such a little lesbian. Look at those keys dangling from my jeans!" —brittanyw13

    A young girl standing on grass and wearing jeans with keys hanging from the waist

    8. "I tried so hard to be girly, to fit into the right mold. I wanted so badly to do everything by the book, to make my mom proud…but who I was was always painfully obvious." —alishan4d273bd20

    A smiling girl wearing jeans and a striped shirt and sitting by a doorway

    9. "Me, on the right, PISSED about being in a dress." —zingabing8484

    Two girls sitting by plants and both wearing dresses; one is smiling and the one on the right is resting her face in her hands

    10. "I was very excited to sit on Smurfette’s lap..." —jamiev424c94b8b

    Two children sitting on a bench with stuffed animals next to them; the child on the right is sitting on the animal

    11. "Wait, make sure you get my good side." —bryboutillier

    A young boy in swim trunks posing on his side in a shallow pool

    12. "I still have a version of that fit." —mallyshak

    A young girl in a jean jacket and a backward baseball cap with stars on it

    13. "Even at 3, I knew I had a bright future ahead of me as a Tina Turner impersonator." —whatamidoinghere

    A toddler standing in front of a couch and posing in a long Tina Turner T-shirt

    14. "Mom's heels were always my favorites, to be fair. The thigh-high boots were better, but no one ever photographed them. Sob." —Jamie Mountain, Facebook

    A toddler wearing a woman's high-heeled red shoes and a colorful top

    15. "#Fashion." —Evan Palmer, Facebook

    A young boy posing for the camera in shorts and a rolled-up top

    16. "Age 12, dressed as Christina Aguilera for a remake of the 'Lady Marmalade' music video from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack, filmed by my sister." —Ross Oviatt, Facebook

    Three children posing with their hands on their hips, with the one in front in a long, blonde wig

    17. "I'm at a Revolutionary War fort hanging off the arm of a shirtless man mannequin giving serious face. Iconic." —Matt Stopera, BuzzFeed

    Young boy in a sweatshirt striking a pose

    18. "Striking a pose while our house was being built. My parents were supposedly surprised when I came out..." —Jeffrey Glitt, Facebook

    Young boy in a baseball cap and T-shirt, with his hand on his hip and the other around the back of his neck

    19. "Age 3, stomping around in my dad's boots because #fashion." —Roux Patterson, Facebook

    Young child with long hair and wearing adult lace boots

    20. "When I was in preschool, I was a huge fan of the dress-up box. When asked what I want to be when I grow up, I would reply, 'A lady.'" —Jordan Horsefeathers, Facebook

    A young child with short hair wearing women's high-heel shoes, a skirt, and a necklace

    21. "Homemade drag 1984 'cause I wasn't allowed to wear women's clothing. I made it from an apron and tablecloth." —Luke Frew, Facebook

    A barefoot child standing outside a house waring an apron dress and a disc hat

    22. "Nobody seemed too surprised when I said, 'Hey, by the way, I like girls and always have.' I’ve always been a tomboy." —AliSpivey

    A young child wearing jeans and a T-shirt and slouched in a beach chair

    23. "The flannel, the sunglasses, my brother’s shoes, and my dad’s hat." —valb4d3667845

    A smiling child wearing loose jeans, a flannel shirt, a cap, and sunglasses and sitting on a rug

    24. "I'll just leave this fashion moment right here." —Mikey Qi, Facebook

    A toddler crouched in a small chair and wearing a "Sweet" top and pants

    25. "One-year-old. #BabyButch #forever." —kiaraj92

    A baby wearing a backward baseball cap

    26. "Strike a pose, there's nothing to it." —Andres Zapata, Facebook

    A young child wearing a T-shirt and leaning against a large pipeline by the ocean

    27. "Yep, pretty much an early member of the FLA (Future Lesbians of America)." —Dbesson

    A young girl with pigtails wearing a jacket and riding a bicycle

    28. "I wanted to be a cowboy who saved people, and I refused to wear my dress. I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost a year, and she still laughs at this picture." —calliewhatever

    Blurry photo of a toddler holding a doll and wearing a brimmed hat

    29. "My dad was the coach, my brother was first in line. I was the one-man cheerleading team." —tavilla

    Boys on a baseball team standing next to a man and a young boy in front of them posing but not in uniform

    30. "I wanted that Barbie camper so bad! My dad spent two hours putting all the stickers on." —coryg4124532c6

    A young child in pajamas smiling and sitting in front of a toy camper

    31. "My mini lezzie self was all business in the front and party in the back! And no butch would be complete without a workout panda shirt!" —fitch803

    A young child wearing a mullet

    32. "Basically dressing as a drag king at age 4." —jills426b813ec

    Blurry image of a child wearing a suit jacket

    33. "I lived in England for a summer when I was 5, and I would insist on dressing as Robin Hood EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. In the end, no one was shocked that I’d rather rescue and marry the beautiful princess than BE the beautiful princess." —amandabreich

    Young child sitting at a table outside and wearing a Robin Hood cloak

    34. "*Note* that there is no middle child. It’s just my older sister and me!" —devinaidanhair

    Toddler wearing adult shoes and an "I'm the middle child" T-shirt

    35. "A few short years before I would endlessly get in trouble for dancing on the coffee table to Shania Twain’s 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman!'" —bentripp

    A toddler wearing sneakers and briefs with their hands over their head

    36. "This one from the late '90s is my favorite to share, from the doll cakes to the plastic choker to the Osh Kosh bucket hat." —Padawan Ryan

    Young person wearing a choker, hat, and T-shirt and sitting at a table with Barbie figures on plates on it

    37. "Really? It was a shock?" —mkmcrevy

    A young person with a mullet and a Jackson Raiders football T-shirt with their arm raised

    38. "This was taken when I was about 10, and somehow my family was still surprised when I came out at 21." —peytona3

    A young person in sandals, camo pants, and a do-rag sitting on a couch

    39. "Posing for the ladies…" —tjordan0029

    Blurry photo of a smiling young child in a sleeveless outfit

    40. "Striking a pose since I was 2." —alonsierra

    A toddler in shorts and a bottle in their mouth posing in front of two older youths

    41. "Every young girl was dressed as a princess, and I wanted to be Zorro." —eattherude24

    A smiling young child in the Zorro outfit, including a "Z" hat and cape

    42. "I didn’t realize that me saying, 'It’s not a phase, Mom, god!' was about more than my punk rock era 😅." —Amanda Dittus

    A young girl on a carousel wearing long jean shorts and a T-shirt

    43. "What can I say? I loved Barbies and a nightie." —michaelsullivan1

    A young child holding a Barbie and sitting on a couch with a woman

    44. "Sword lesbian...enough said." —finninthebin

    Young girl in sweatpants and sweatshirt, lunging and holding a sword in front of a couch

    45. "The cutest baby lesbian you ever did see!" —breedanna92

    A child crouching on a rug while wearing adult lace-up work boots

    46. "Boxing gloves absolutely untouched. Disco station used for spinning Kylie Minogue records until it fell apart." —Wilson Kelvin McQuade

    Child sitting at a "Junior Disco" booth with records on top and holding a microphone

    47. "I loved my 'baseball outfit' and insisted on wearing my bangs down because I didn’t like them to get sweaty and flat beneath my cap." —mattitude

    Young child in a baseball uniform leaning on a car

    48. "My Halloween costume when I was in the fifth grade! I wanted to be a girl that year so bad. I was 10...and somehow, my family didn't catch on! LOL." —e4fd78b80d

    A young person with their hands on their hips, standing in high heels and wearing a skirt and lacy top

    49. "And I somehow didn’t figure it out for 14 years." —bubblyzo

    Toddler sitting in a chair and wearing overalls

    50. "Had to wear my pumps to the construction site." —Ryan Montez

    A young child with their hands on their hips and wearing a striped T-shirt, shorts, and high-heeled adult open-toe, high-heeled sandals

    51. "Very embarrassed I wasn't wearing Andrew Christian briefs." —Jon-Michael Poff

    A young child with their hands raised, wearing briefs and high-heeled adult pumps

    52. "Walking and already fabulous." —Chris

    A toddler standing on the grass and wearing a baseball cap and baggy shorts and looking behind them at the camera

    53. "I was 10 and on holiday at Clearwater Beach in Florida. I felt like the Little Mermaid." —sandrov42bc1bee6

    A child in a T-shirt and sunglasses sitting on the sand

    54. "Looking really Cuban with the outfit, and really gay with the background!" —davidfernandof

    A child standing on a pedestal, with their hands in their pants pocket, with a rainbow design behind them

    55. "My older brother and I back in '97. Gay then, gay now." —geoffreyg4

    Two young boys hugging and pursing their lips slightly

    56. "When I was a little boy, I was allowed to play with dolls. After I came out to my family, I asked my mom why she let me. She simply said, 'You wanted them so bad, and I wanted to make you happy.' Clearly from my face, you can tell I was happy." —jonathanm416a87015

    A boy with a huge smile on his face, wearing a 45 basketball jersey and holding a Barbie doll, stands next to another child

    57. "Had to have my hair on point at 2 years old." —kyry5

    A young boy in pajamas in a bathroom using a blow-dryer

    58. "Safety orange, mullet bangs...clamming. This photo always makes me chuckle; look at that little lezzie." —nikkir4254850db

    A young girl with bangs standing on sand and wearing jeans and a sweatshirt

    59. "Serving Grey Gardens' Little Edie realness! As I recall, I was putting on a show in the chicken coop...because that's normal." —whitneydubsr

    A child with their eyes closed and waving wears a long cape and gown and a helmet hat

    60. "In 1992, I used to build shelves with my dad, but only while wearing my Mickey construction shirt, and with stamps on my arms to represent tattoos. Grew up to be very gay." —Britt

    A young child with long hair and wearing a Mickey Mouse T-shirt hammers a nail into a surface

    61. "I look so fucking stoked. Trans guy who still now wears a leather jacket and killer glasses." —ollieow

    Smiling young child in a bomber jacket sits on a motorcycle and wears sunglasses

    62. "My camp counselor took this pic of me dancing to "Oops!... I Did It Again" when I was 8. I was OBSESSED with Britney Spears at the time, and I still love the song to this day. I came out when I was 18, and it's nice to know that I was just as fabulous at 8 as I am now." —jordanj13

    A young child in a playground and wearing a T-shirt and shorts strikes a pose and raises their hands in the air

    63. "I used to play Pretty Pretty Princess with my sister and cousins. Then we would tango to 'Tango: Maureen' from Rent." —jakew4cc132ea6

    A group of smiling children, with a boy in the front wearing large earrings and many necklaces

    64. "Here's my baby lesbian picture circa 1999. I was really hoping my parents would use this as a headshot; I still don't know why they didn't?" —strobertson9

    A young girl wearing an 'NSYNC T-shirt and shorts and kneeling against a large bull statue

    65. "What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatic." —ANDY

    A child wearing a large-brimmed straw hat, sunglasses, and many festive garlands around their neck

    You can share your own pictures by using the drop box below for your chance to be in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

    Join BuzzFeed as we celebrate National Coming Out Day from Oct. 10 to Oct. 16. You can explore more coming-out and queer content over on our LGBTQ page.

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