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Show Us The "Gayest" Picture From Your Childhood, Like One That Screams, "Mom, The Signs Were Everywhere!!"

Dig through those photo albums and go through your Instagram grid because I want to see the cream of the crop.

Hello gays, theys, and everything in between.

a person holding pride gear

We all have them.

a kid holding a fish he caught

Those pictures of us as kids that scream, "Mom, how did you not know?!"

a kid smiling and tying their shoe

Pictures that scream *born this way.*

a girl hugging Smurfette

Pictures that scream, "The signs were everywhere!!"

a baby with a doily on its head

So, dig through those pics and show us those pics of your younger gay selves.

a child posing with a statue

In honor of National Coming Out Day, share your "gayest" childhood picture along with a short explanation by using the dropbox below for your chance to be in a BuzzFeed Community post!