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    55 Very Awkward Pictures Of Celebrities Posing With Things So They Could Get Them For Free That Will Never Not Be Funny

    Celebrities: They're just like us. They'll do anything for free stuff.

    In case you didn't know, at many award shows and events, celebrities have the opportunity to visit a "gifting" suite. At these gifting suites, celebrities can get free shit, usually in exchange for a picture with a product.

    chris kirkpatrick with a hello kitty phone

    Because I'm obsessed with this genre of celebrity photo, here are some of my favorite pictures of celebs posing with shit so they can get it for free, specifically from the early 2000s:

    1. Kelly Rowland with a bluetooth set.

    kelly is holding up a yellow bluetooth box kit

    2. Lance Bass and a tube of toothpaste.

    lance and a tube of toothpaste

    3. Dolly Parton and a candle.

    dolly is ecstatic with a candle

    4. BBMak and some Axe deo.

    the boy band is holding up cans of deo

    5. Beyoncé holding a hard drive.

    beyonce with a gray box

    6. Wilmer Valderrama posing seductively with a Hello Kitty boom box.

    wilmer holding a pink toaster and wearing a grey sweater

    7. Kaley Cuoco with a flip phone and a tin of popcorn.

    she looks overjoyed

    8. LeBron James with a Cellboost, which apparently is something people needed to boost their cellphone service.

    lebron showing off his flip phone

    9. Queen Latifah feeling her oats with a Roomba.

    she is so happy

    10. "Love Is a Battlefield" singer Pat Benatar cannot believe her eyes while holding a large Roomba.

    the roomba is the size of her

    11. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. with a rubber band ball.

    freddie is holding the ball and they are both smiling

    12. Serena Williams and one of those shitty off-brand MP3 players.

    serena holding up the square mp3 player

    13. Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson with an MP3 and a CD player.

    nick and jess smiling with packaged mp3 and CD players

    14. Lindsay Lohan with either another MP3 player or a computer webcam.

    she is holding a square machine

    15. Hilary Duff with a bedazzled CD player.

    she is so happy with it too

    16. Nick and Jess toasting each other with their free brick phones.

    they are smiling with their free shit

    17. Paul Rudd showing off his new free phone.

    paul rudd holding up a blue phone

    18. Ryan Seacrest showing off his free bluetooth kit.

    ryan seacrest touching his bluetooth

    19. Ed Asner with some large, white mittens.

    ed with white gloves

    20. Randy Jackson and the latest model of flip phone.

    at the 2002 teen choice randy is holding a box

    21. Josh Groban double-fisting two tins of popcorn.

    josh in a suit with popcorn tins that have the nyc skyline on it

    22. Tony Hawk and a large leather bag.

    the bag is black

    23. Frankie Muniz and a Hello Kitty toaster.

    the toast is burnt

    24. Alyson Hannigan and some Listerine strips.

    alyson awkwardly holding a pack of gum

    25. Queen Latifah and a single wedge heel.

    she is so happy with that single wedge

    26. Rick Fox and a Bratz doll.

    rich fox holding up a single bratz doll

    27. Frankie with a geriatric sandal.

    franie muniz posing with a sandal

    28. Mila Kunis and those scalp scratchers they sell at the mall.

    mila getting her scalp scratched

    29. Frankie and the mall scalp scratcher.

    frankie in ecstasy

    30. Allison Janney and a high-heeled sandal.

    she is holding up a pink heel

    31. Kelly Osbourne and a line of dolls.

    kelly next to some dolls

    32. Brittany Murphy and a sandal.

    she is beaming with her sandal

    33. Kathy Najimy and a really ugly belt.

    Kathy Najimy proudly holding her chunky belt

    34. Seth Green and his first TiVo.

    he almost looks like he's going to cry

    35. Cedric the Entertainer and some Neutrogena products.

    cedric is showing off his little bag

    36. Moby and some of those little ball mints that burst in your mouth.

    moby looks uncomfortable with his haul

    37. Nick Cannon and some Listerine strips.

    nick cannon putting the strips on his tongue

    38. Paula Abdul and a lip phone.

    paula on the phone

    39. Tom Selleck and a bag.

    he looks uncomfortable

    40. The kid from Spy Kids and a basket of watches.

    he is smiling with his easter basket of goodies

    41. John Leguizamo and an ugly fedora.

    he thinks he's serving. he's not

    42. Queen of soul Stacie Orrico and some furry boots.

    stacie and her fluffy black boots

    43. Carson Kressley and a digital camera.

    carson is taking a selfie

    44. Jason Mraz and a digital camera.

    it's around his neck

    45. Dolly and some panties.

    dolly and some pink panties

    46. Jessica Alba and a mini guitar.

    she loves it

    47. Alfre Woodard and a tiny guitar.

    the same as jessica alba

    48. Ryan and a chunky leather bracelet.

    he's badass

    49. Michelle Branch and a row of thongs.

    michelle next to some thongs

    50. Enrique Iglesias and a fuzzy grandma scarf.

    enrique and his fuzzy lil scarf

    51. Ice Cube and an MP3 player.

    ice t and his circular player

    52. Tim McGraw and some biscuits.

    tim and some biscuits

    53. Coolio with some cold medicine.

    coolio with three boxes of cold medicine

    54. Rob Lowe in a jean jacket.

    rob with a jean jacket that has a tag on it

    55. And last but not least, Dolly with a teeth whitening kit.

    dolly with her crest products