Apparently 46 Is "Old" Now, So Here's What 46 Years Old Has Looked Like On A BUNCH Of Celebrities Throughout Time

    Every day, Gen Z makes me feel *that* much older.

    A post on X is going viral about Matt Bomer being 46.

    "Mind you he's 46, with such astonishing features," with photos of Matt at a formal event

    Which, like, what? Do people think 46 is old now?

    Matt with styled hair in a black tuxedo and bow tie

    "Do y'all think that people just shrivel up and die after age 30 or something," one person asked.

    Tweet by Michael wondering if people think others shrivel up and die after 30

    Another person echoed a similar sentiment: "do yall think people turn 40 and turn into prunes...?"

    Tweet asking if people turn into prunes at 40, playful tone

    Either way, because this is what we do here, let's take a look at what 46 years old has looked like on 65 celebs throughout time.

    *All dates are approximate, btw.*

    1. Robert De Niro at 46:

    Toukie Smith in a graphic tee and De Niro in a dark jacket, both smiling

    2. George Clooney at 46:

    George Clooney wearing a black suit and open collared shirt at a premiere

    3. Brad Pitt at 46:

    Brad in black hat and scarf with a casual suit at a media event

    4. Betty White at 46:

    Betty White smiles, wearing a light scarf and a bracelet

    5. Clint Eastwood at 46:

    Clint smiling in casual shirt at an outdoor event

    6. Harrison Ford at 46:

    Harrison in a suit extending his hand

    7. Eminem at 46:

    Eminem wearing a white hoodie and headphones in a store with his branded merchandise

    8. Johnny Knoxville at 46:

    Johnny miling in glasses and plaid shirt at event, with logos in the background

    9. Snoop Dogg at 46:

    Snoop Dogg sits casually holding a copper mug, wearing a yellow and black tracksuit with intricate designs

    10. Sean Connery at 46:

    A close-up portrait of Sean Connery with a contemplative expression

    11. Katharine Hepburn at 46:

    Classic portrait of Katharine Hepburn in a polka-dot blouse

    12. Dolly Parton at 46:

    Dolly Parton poses in a white embellished outfit with angel wings

    13. Marlon Wayans at 46:

    Marlon Wayans in a suit, speaking into a microphone, pointing at his head

    14. Ben Affleck at 46:

    Ben in a plaid shirt over a graphic tee, flannel shirt, denim, and sneakers, carrying a Dunkin' coffee and a bag, exiting a vehicle

    15. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at 46:

    Dwayne Johnson smiles, seated in a talk show setting, wearing a green suit with a textured shirt

    16. Lucille Ball at 46:

    Lucille Ball in a formal portrait with fur stole and classic hairstyle

    17. Kris Jenner at 46:

    Kris Jenner in a black halterneck dress, posing with a smile at an event

    18. Jack Nicholson at 46:

    Jack in a plaid jacket makes a playful face at the camera

    19. Donald Trump at 46:

    Close-up of Trump in a suit and tie

    20. Julia Louis-Dreyfus at 46:

    Julia smiling at a red carpet event, wearing a strapless outfit and drop earrings

    21. Jennifer Coolidge at 46:

    Jennifer in black attire holding award, smiling at an event

    22. Geri Halliwell at 46:

    Geri in a black off-shoulder dress smiling in front of a metallic backdrop

    23. Tom Cruise at 46:

    Tom Cruise smiles wearing a buttoned-up black shirt

    24. Pharrell Williams at 46:

    Pharrell Williams in a leather jacket with graphic designs, a tee with Mickey Mouse, and a black hat at an awards event

    25. Stanley Tucci at 46:

    Stanley in a formal suit with a tie on a sunny day, likely at an event

    26. Jay-Z at 46:

    Close-up of Jay-Z in a hooded sweatshirt, smiling at an event

    27. Cher at 46:

    Cher in a denim jacket and jeans ensemble, with a rose accent, walking with an escort

    28. Ricky Martin at 46:

    Ricky in a bow tie and tuxedo posing at a media event

    29. Tom Hanks at 46:

    Tom Hanks in a black tuxedo with a bow tie at a formal event

    30. Oprah at 46:

    Oprah Winfrey in a turtleneck and lace jacket at an event

    31. John Travolta at 46:

    John Travolta wearing a classic black suit, attending a celebrity event

    32. Gabrielle Union at 46:

    Gabrielle Union poses in a red shirt with floral embroidery at an event

    33. Madonna at 46:

    Madonna in a black outfit with a lace detail, wearing a red poppy pin

    34. Frank Sinatra at 46:

    Frank Sinatra wearing a classic suit and fedora hat

    35. Idris Elba at 46:

    Sabrina Dhowre Elba in hat and striped outfit and Idris in suit, both smiling and waving

    36. Sandra Bullock at 46:

    Sandra Bullock in a sparkling long-sleeved dress at a podium

    37. Jennifer Aniston at 46:

    Jennifer Aniston poses in a black off-shoulder outfit with hair styled straight

    38. Michelle Obama at 46:

    Michelle smiling and standing at a podium with a microphone, addressing an audience, wearing a sleeveless V-neck outfit

    39. Samuel L. Jackson at 46:

    Samuel L. Jackson wearing glasses and a classic black suit with a white shirt

    40. Gwen Stefani at 46:

    Gwen Stefani smiling in a sheer paneled dress on a red carpet

    41. Meryl Streep at 46:

    Close-up of Meryl Streep smiling in a lace-collared top and hoop earrings

    42. Denzel Washington at 46:

    Denzel Washington in a smart casual jacket with a collared shirt at an event

    43. Adam Sandler at 46:

    Adam wearing a "New York Jets" T-shirt, gesturing with his hand

    44. Gwyneth Paltrow at 46:

    Gwyneth Paltrow in a pink blouse poses at the WSJ Tech event

    45. Amy Poehler at 46:

    Amy at an event in a sheer black top with buttons, smiling slightly for the camera

    46. Rob Lowe at 46:

    Rob Lowe wearing a buttoned shirt, smiling at a press event with a logo backdrop

    47. Demi Moore at 46:

    Demi Moore smiles at an event wearing a ruffled yellow top and earrings

    48. Angela Bassett at 46:

    Angela Bassett smiling in a floral dress at an awards event

    49. Cyndi Lauper at 46:

    Cyndi on red carpet in plaid coat over patterned dress, standing near a movie poster

    50. Jennifer Lopez at 46:

    Jennifer Lopez smiles wearing a crisscross-detailed dress with a bun hairstyle at an event

    51. Paul Rudd at 46:

    Paul smiling in a denim jacket over a plaid shirt at an event

    52. Goldie Hawn at 46:

    Goldie in black blazer and carrying a textured handbag, walking outdoors at an event

    53. Hugh Jackman at 46:

    Hugh Jackman wearing a smart navy suit and smiling at a public event

    54. Halle Berry at 46:

    Halle Berry in a strapless, shimmery gown at a movie premiere

    55. Cindy Crawford at 46:

    Cyndi smiling at a media event, wearing a blazer

    56. Jamie Lee Curtis at 46:

    Jamie Lee Curtis poses with a peace sign, wearing a black dress and diamond earrings at an event

    57. Mark Hoppus at 46:

    Mark Hoppus in a black suit with a patterned tie giving a thumbs-up at a charity event

    58. Jane Fonda at 46:

    Close-up of Jane smiling with her chin resting on her hand, wearing a patterned top

    59. Hugh Grant at 46:

    Hugh Grant in a classic tuxedo with a bow tie at a formal event

    60. Mark Ruffalo at 46:

    Mark in black tuxedo and bow tie smiling at event

    61. Patrick Dempsey at 46:

    Patrick in a leather jacket and collared shirt, smiling at a celebrity event

    62. Matthew McConaughey at 46:

    Matthew McConaughey in a suit at a movie premiere with a graphic backdrop

    63. Audrey Hepburn at 46:

    Audrey Hepburn poses with hands clasped, wearing a classic black top with checkered collar and cuffs

    64. Sophia Loren at 46:

    Sophia Loren in a patterned dress with a pearl necklace, bracelet, and watch, resting her chin on her hand

    65. And last but not least, Keanu Reeves at 46:

    Keanu in a black suit and tie on a red carpet