23 Hidden Gems Worth Seeking Out On Netflix

    Don't let these critical darlings and cult favorites get lost in your Netflix queue...

    Netflix has been under fire recently for a number of controversies, including bloated budgets, mass layoffs, surging prices and subscriber hemorrhaging, to name a few.

    1. Girl, Interrupted

    "Girl, Interrupted"

    2. The Paper Tigers

    "The Paper Tigers"

    3. Croupier


    4. Before I Wake

    “Before I Wake”

    5. Girlfriend’s Day

    "Girlfriend’s Day"

    6. The Bad Batch

    "The Bad Batch"

    7. Christine (2016)

    "Christine" (2016)

    8. Catfight


    9. Big Eyes

    "Big Eyes"

    10. In a Valley of Violence

    "In a Valley of Violence"

    11. The Sweetest Thing

    "The Sweetest Thing"

    12. Heist (2001)


    13. Girl on the Third Floor

    "Girl on the Third Floor"

    14. Killing Them Softly

    "Killing Them Softly"

    15. The Long Dumb Road

    "The Long Dumb Road"

    16. He Never Died

    "He Never Died"

    17. Piercing


    18. The Beguiled (2017)

    "The Beguiled"

    19. Under the Shadow

    "Under The Shadow"

    20. The Long Riders

    "The Long Riders"

    21. Cut Throat City

    "Cut Throat City"

    22. Buybust


    23. The Perfection

    "The Perfection"