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    This Is What 35 Years Old Looks Like For 68 Celebs Throughout The Past 50 Years

    Here's what halfway to 70 looks like for 68 different people. Keanu Reeves wins this one, and by "this one," I mean my heart.

    1. Paul Rudd at 35:

    Paul Rudd smiling

    Paul Rudd now at 53:

    Paul Rudd talking into a mic onstage

    2. Brad Pitt at 35:

    Brad Pitt on a rooftop

    Brad Pitt now at 58:

    closeup of Pitt in a bowtie and jacket

    3. Prince William at 35:

    Prince William with his brother and wife

    Prince William now at 40:

    Prince William looking serious

    4. Keanu Reeves at 35:

    Reeves looking caught off guard

    Keanu Reeves now at 58:

    Reeves talking at a panel discussion at Comic-Con

    5. Meryl Streep at 35:

    Streep looking bored at an event

    Meryl Streep now at 73:

    Streep speaking at an event

    6. Kelly Clarkson at 35:

    Kelly Clarkson now at 40:

    Clarkson waving

    7. Tom Cruise at 35:

    Cruise smiling and holding a Golden Globe

    Tom Cruise now at 60:

    Cruise walking and smiling

    8. Meghan Markle at 35:

    Markle acting

    Meghan Markle now at 41:

    closeup of Markle in all black and looking serious

    9. Kim Kardashian at 35:

    Kim K with Kanye West on the red carpet

    Kim Kardashian now at 41:

    Kim K smiling and sitting between two women

    10. Oprah at 35:

    Oprah leaning on the door of a car

    Oprah now at 68:

    Oprah smiling and posing in front of a large poster

    11. Kate Middleton at 35:

    Kate with Prince William at an event

    Kate Middleton now at 40:

    Middleton talking to someone and smiling

    12. Dolly Parton at 35:

    closeup of Dolly Parton smiling

    Dolly Parton now at 76:

    13. Cameron Diaz at 35:

    Diaz with Justin Timberlake

    Cameron Diaz now at 50:

    14. Elton John at 35:

    Elton John sitting in front of a pool

    Elton John now at 75:

    Elton John smiling and performing at the piano

    15. Helen Mirren at 35:

    black and white headshot of Mirren smiling

    Helen Mirren now at 77:

    Mirren at an event

    16. Seth Rogen at 35:

    Rogen smiling at a panel discussion

    Seth Rogen now at 40:

    Rogen on the red carpet at a film festival

    17. Jim Carrey at 35:

    Jim Carrey with Lauren Holly on the red carpet

    Jim Carrey now at 60:

    Jim Carrey at a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premiere

    18. Kirsten Dunst at 35:

    Dunst standing outside in a garden, smiling

    Kirsten Dunst now at 40:

    Dunst on the red carpet with husband Jesse Plemons

    19. Kim Cattrall at 35:

    Kim Cattrall standing outside and smiling

    Kim Cattrall now at 66:

    Kim Cattrall smiling at an event

    20. Suzanne Somers at 35:

    Suzanne Somers posing for a photo with her hand on her hip

    Suzanne Somers now at 75:

    Suzanne Somers smiling

    21. Cher at 35:

    Cher posing for a photo

    Cher now at 76:

    Cher at an event

    22. Sir Ian McKellen at 35:

    black and white photo of a young McKellen

    Sir Ian McKellen now at 83:

    Ian McKellen laughing

    23. Barbra Streisand at 35:

    Streisand holding up an award

    Barbra Streisand now at 80:

    24. Al Pacino at 35:

    closeup of Al Pacino acting

    Al Pacino now at 82:

    Pacino on the red carpet

    25. Shakira at 35:

    Shakira onstage

    Shakira now at 45:

    Shakira with Al Roker

    26. Denzel Washington at 35:

    Denzel smiling and sitting on a couch

    Denzel Washington now at 67:

    Denzel at a premiere

    27. Andrew Garfield at 35:

    Garfield holding an award

    Andrew Garfield now at 39:

    Garfield at the Emmys

    28. Julia Louis-Dreyfus at 35:

    Louis-Dreyfus at the Golden Globes

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus now at 61:

    Louis-Dreyfus on the red carpet

    29. Julie Andrews at 35:

    Andrews leaning on a wall

    Julie Andrews now at 86:

    Andrews smiling and being interviewed

    30. Maggie Smith at 35:

    black and white photo of young Maggie Smith

    Maggie Smith now at 87:

    Smith waving on the street

    31. Prince Harry at 35:

    Prince Harry speaking at an event

    Prince Harry now at 38:

    closeup of Harry's profile

    32. Donald Trump at 35:

    Trump wearing a tux

    Donald Trump now at 76:

    Trump making a speech

    33. Bruce Springsteen at 35:

    Springsteen playing guitar onstage

    Bruce Springsteen now at 73:

    Springsteen playing guitar and singing onstage

    34. Ozzy Osbourne at 35:

    Ozzy smiling onstage

    Ozzy Osbourne now at 73:

    Osbourne singing onstage

    35. Courteney Cox at 35:

    Cox with the other members of the Friends cast on the red carpet

    Courteney Cox now at 58:

    Cox walking on the sidewalk and smiling

    36. Nic Cage at 35:

    Cage with his arm around Patricia Arquette

    Nic Cage now at 58:

    Cage looking serious at an event

    37. Goldie Hawn at 35:

    Hawn smiling

    Goldie Hawn now at 76:

    Hawn waving

    38. Pitbull at 35:

    Pitbull standing with two women on either side of him

    Pitbull now at 41:

    Pitbull performing

    39. Chad Michael Murray at 35:

    Murray looking serious and standing with his hands in his back pockets

    Chad Michael Murray now at 41:

    40. Lenny Kravitz at 35:

    Lenny Kravitz wearing a shiny silver suit

    Lenny Kravitz now at 58:

    closeup of Kravitz

    41. Christina Aguilera at 35:

    Aguilera on The Voice

    Christina Aguilera now at 41:

    Aguilera onstage

    42. Adam Levine at 35:

    Levine gritting his teeth and making a fist as his wife puts her arms around him

    Adam Levine now at 43:

    Levine onstage performing

    43. Sandra Bullock at 35:

    Bullock hugging Ben Affleck

    Sandra Bullock now at 58:

    Bullock at an event

    44. Channing Tatum at 35:

    Tatum with Dewan on the red carpet

    Channing Tatum now at 42:

    Tatum with his hands in his pockets looking serious

    45. Mick Jagger at 35:

    Jagger performing

    Mick Jagger now at 79:

    Jagger onstage performing with Keith Richards

    46. Justin Timberlake at 35:

    Timberlake and Jessica Biel dressed formally at an event

    Justin Timberlake now at 41:

    Timberlake playing with a basketball

    47. Paris Hilton at 35:

    Paris Hilton now at 41:

    Hilton at an event

    48. Nick Cannon at 35:

    Nick Cannon at the MTV Video Music Awards

    Nick Cannon now at 41:

    Nick Cannon smiling and holding a mic onstage

    49. Jake Gyllenhaal at 35:

    closeup of Gyllenhaal

    Jake Gyllenhaal now at 41:

    Gyllenhaal at the D23 Expo

    50. Amy Schumer at 35:

    Schumer on a show

    Amy Schumer now at 41:

    Schumer on the red carpet

    51. Elijah Wood at 35:

    closeup of Elijah Wood smiling

    Elijah Wood now at 41:

    Wood talking into a mic at an event

    52. Catherine O'Hara at 35:

    O'Hara on the red carpet

    Catherine O'Hara now at 68:

    closeup of O'Hara smiling

    53. Sarah Jessica Parker at 35:

    Parker on the red carpet

    Sarah Jessica Parker now at 57:

    Parker siting and smiling at an event

    54. Jennifer Aniston at 35:

    Aniston waving on the red carpet

    Jennifer Aniston now at 53:

    55. Jason Momoa at 35:

    Momoa with Lisa Bonet at an event

    Jason Momoa now at 43:

    Momoa at a barbecue

    56. Jessica Simpson at 35:

    Simpson smiling with her hand on her hip

    Jessica Simpson now at 42:

    57. Jennifer Lopez at 35:

    closeup of Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez now at 53:

    Lopez at an event

    58. John Travolta at 35:

    Travolta holding hands with Kirstie Alley

    John Travolta now at 68:

    Travolta at a formal event

    59. Gwyneth Paltrow at 35:

    closeup of Paltrow smiling

    Gwyneth Paltrow now at 49:

    Paltrow onstage smiling

    60. Idris Elba at 35:

    Elba on the red carpet

    Idris Elba now at 50:

    Elba with wife Sabrina

    61. Ashton Kutcher at 35:

    Kutcher with his hands up in the air

    Ashton Kutcher now at 44:

    Kutcher walking on the sidewalk

    62. Ryan Reynolds at 35:

    Ryan Reynolds at an event

    Ryan Reynolds now at 45:

    Reynolds walking down the street

    63. Dwayne Johnson at 35:

    Johnson smiling on the red carpet

    Dwayne Johnson now at 50:

    Johnson pointing onstage

    64. Nicole Kidman at 35:

    Kidman holding an Academy Award

    Nicole Kidman now at 55:

    Kidman with Keith Urban

    65. Madonna at 35:

    Madonna performing

    Madonna now at 64:

    Madonna sitting with two others

    66. Pharrell at 35:

    Pharrell at a dinner table

    Pharrell now at 49:

    Pharrell holding a mic onstage

    67. Britney Spears at 35:

    Spears performing

    Britney Spears now at 40:

    68. And last but not least, Blake Lively, who is currently 35:

    Lively at an event