12 Names Only Friends And Family Call Celebrities That Are Just Kind Of Jarring To See

    Another day, another thing I learn about Grimes that is both surprising and completely not.

    1. Sandy

    2. C, like the letter

    Grimes legally changed her name from Claire to c in 2018. She hates the name Claire and her friends already called her C.

    3. Annie

    4. Timmy

    5. Stefani

    Selena Gomez referred to Gaga as "Stefani" in an interview, like she's on a first name basis with her as "Stefani."

    ‘She just wanted to hug me’ 🥺💗🥺💗 @selenagomez and @ladygaga supporting each other by talking about their mental health is everything. Now I’m going to cry at how pure and honest they both are

    Twitter: @heatworld

    Just weird to hear!

    6. Lissa

    7. Julie

    8. Robyn

    9. Ella

    Lorde's friends and family still call her by her real name, Ella. Taylor Swift made Ella this 20th birthday card. She said, "I. Love. You. So. Much. Ella."

    10. Adam

    11. Meg

    12. Ronnie