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21 Celebrities I Had No Idea Have A Ton Of Kids

15 kids is like an entire daycare.

First off, my idea of a big family is anyone with 4+ kids. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, enjoy.

1. James Van Der Beek: 5 kids

2. Taylor Hanson: 6 kids

3. Zac Hanson: 4 kids

4. Tori Spelling: 5 kids

5. Mel Gibson: 9 kids


That's a lot of Gibsons.

6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar: 4 kids

7. Eddie Murphy: 10 kids

8. Diddy: 6 kids

9. Katherine Heigl: 3 kids

10. Master P: 9 kids

Matthew Simmons / Getty Images

"My Baby" legend, Lil Romeo, included.

11. Offset: 4 kids

12. Alec Baldwin: 5 kids

13. Jim Gaffigan: 5 kids

14. Rod Stewart: 8 kids

15. Mick Jagger: 8 kids


This is six of 'em.

16. Dog (the Bounty Hunter): 12 kids

17. Kevin Costner: 7 kids

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Here's three of them in 2015.

18. Kevin Federline: 6 kids.

19. Shaq: 5 kids

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Cute family.

20. Chris O'Donnell: 5 kids

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

I like that they are in order of height. Shows discipline.

21. DMX: 15 kids

You read the headline, he's super potent!!!

Correction: Well well well, I completely messed that up! Corrections have been made and numbers of children have been fixed, HOPEFULLY. Thanks to all you lovely people (and Jim Gaffigan, who is also lovely).

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