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    10 Embarrassing Celebrity Myspace Pictures, Like Harry Styles And Kylie Jenner, That Will Always Be Funny

    I never get tired of looking at these.

    1. When Kendall Jenner was on Myspace, her user name was "horsegirlkj."

    kylie's myspace url is horsegirlkj
    Kylie Jenner/ Myspace

    Her mood was "hyper" and her bio was "It's All About Me."

    kylie's bio
    Kendall Jenner/ Myspace

    2. Before she was the "Rise & Shine" chanteuse, Kylie Jenner was apparently a 16-year-old lollypop.

    kylie's bio
    Kylie Jenner/ Myspace

    Her username was "kyliesalollypop."

    her myspace url was kylies a lollypop
    Kylie Jenner/ Myspace

    Here are some alleged pictures from her Myspace. They include this one of her cutting onions:

    A picture next to a frozen banana:

    The classic over-the-head mirror shot:

    And pictures with random people from her school:

    So many blurry, over-processed MacBook pics!

    3. Next, we have Lana Del Rey. When she was on Myspace, her name was Lizzy Grant, because that is, in fact, her real name.

    lana's myspace
    Lana Del Rey/Myspace / Via

    Her interests included Britney Spears, motorcycles, poison, and morphine.

    lana's interest part of the myspace profile
    Lana Del Rey/Myspace

    In her "about me," she had a "Baby Girl" blingee.

    a sparkly blingee
    Lana Del Rey/Myspace / Via

    4. Kim Kardashian went by "Princess Kimberly" and her url was "kimsaprincess." Her header quote said "I'm a PRINCESS and you're not so there!"

    kim's bio
    Kim Kardashian/ Myspace / Via

    She, of course, wanted to meet God:

    who i'd like to meet: god
    Kim Kardashian/ Myspace / Via

    This was her top 8. Notice how Ray J was only #4, which clearly violated the "your boyfriend should always be #1 in your top 8" clause.

    kim's top 8
    Kim Kardashian/Myspace / Via

    5. Now for Kesha's Myspace, this was her bio:

    a bio in black and yellow text with a pic of a cat sticking out of a toilet
    Kesha/ Myspace / Via

    Highlights include:


    "Sometimes I wish I was a man...its all about the bj's and trash-stash."

    "Mick Jagger might be my dad. Love ya dad."

    And here's what she said her music sounds like:

    sounds like: god having an orgasm
    Kesha/ Myspace / Via

    6. Katy Perry's Mypsace had the headline, "Ya know it' hard out thur 4 a Pimp."

    a pic of katy perry's myspace
    Katy Perry/ Myspace

    And here are 10 things she wanted you to know about her:

    a list of her interests
    Katy Perry/Myspace

    She was into roller-skating, MINIATURE GOLF, garage sales, estate sales, camping, Japan, acoustic guitars, Vegas, and theme parties.

    7. Harry Styles was about 12 or 13 when he had his Myspace.

    with his mom and dad
    Harry Styles/ Myspace

    This was his bio:

    a list of his interest
    Harry Styles/ Myspace

    He had a picture with his sister:

    a lil pic with his sis
    Harry Styles/ Myspace

    A classic flash-filled blurry mirror pic:

    a mirror completely taken over by flash
    Harry Styles/Myspace

    And, of course, one of these:

    the artistic 4 panel picture
    Harry Styles/ Myspace

    8. This was Taylor Swift's first Myspace picture:

    showing off her spelling be shirt
    Taylor Swift/ Myspace / Via

    This was her bio in 2007. It's a good read:

    I play a 12-string guitar, and have since I was 12. I'm a songwriter first and foremost, and I have never written anything I didn't mean. I am obsessed with lyrics. I love Tennessee. And talking to people. I was born on December 13th, 1989. Thirteen is my lucky number. I can tell you some REALLY weird coincidences that involve that number.. Long story short, 13 is good. I am the most competetive person I know. I never really got into sports, so I guess you could say music is my game. I love people who are nice to me, I've never been one to say things like "All you people think you know me, well you don't". I'm not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me. I don't wear high heels alot because I'm afraid of falling in front of large groups of people. My middle name is Alison. I'm most comfortable in dresses, not old faded blue jeans--surprisingly. I sing country music, I am obsessed with that too. I guess you kinda have to be. I have beautiful friends. Be one. I really like it when people tell me they like my music, it's everything I've got so it really means alot to me. I'm really weird sometimes, but you are too. I've never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. I don't go out looking for guys. But then again, I don't write alot of love songs. Basically.. I'm single. I love pictures, I have a bunch of them hung up in my bus bunk. Because you can't forget where you came from. I need everything to be organized. All the time. I think little kids are awesome. I'm just going to warn you now: If you start a conversation about Law and Order: SVU or CSI with me, we will be talking for at least an hour. I consider myself an expert on those two things.. only those two things. I love trucks. They are works of art. I'm a thinker and an over-analyzer. I'm 5'11. I'm not jaded. And to all the people who have ever blasted my songs from their car stereo, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    This is the best part:

    i love trucks, they are works of art
    Taylor Swift/ Myspace

    You have to see the comments she used to leave on other people's walls. They're 2005โ€“2006 gold.

    it says haha fuck sewing machines
    Taylor Swift/Myspace / Via

    "haha fuck sewing machines."

    it says haha fuck sewing machines
    Taylor Swift/Myspace / Via

    9. Rihanna was also on Myspace.


    This was back when she was playing malls:

    a screenshot of a wall comment

    For those who can't read that, it says:

    "rihanna i love you so much i live in hoboken nj and i really want to see u in the mall on the 25th and i wanted to kno wut time u gonna be there pllzzzz get back to me"

    10. And lastly, your king of embarrassing old Myspace pics: Tom Hardy.

    hes doing an awkward myspace pose
    Tom Hardy/Myspace

    Most of his pictures appeared to have been taken with a potato:

    another awk pic of him shirtless
    Tom Hardy/Myspace

    Most of them are shirtless:

    in his underwear
    Tom Hardy/Myspace

    And in his underwear:

    also in his underwear
    Tom Hardy/Myspace

    Tom Hardy's Myspace perfectly captures the era:

    Tom Hardy/Myspace

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