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27 Facts About Upstate New York That Are Completely And Totally True

They're just facts.

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3. The #1 past-time of people from upstate New York is arguing about what *actually* constitutes upstate New York. The map below is the OFFICIAL map. It's accurate and OFFICIAL. And also accurate. And official.

20. This is lacrosse. It's a sport they only play in upstate New York and literally no one else gives a shit about it outside of New York.

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21. There are many universities in upstate New York and you will be judged mercilessly based on which one you go to. For example, there is a HUGE difference between a person who goes to Buffalo than say... New Paltz.

22. This is the most important store in your life. It's called Stewart's and it's where you buy milk, lighters, chips, cookies, frozen pizza, ice, donuts, yogurt, chilli, sandwiches, human arms, eggs, energy drinks, gum, gas, coffee, iced tea, various candy...

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