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    31 Bands And Musicians That Thankfully Changed Their Weird And Awkward Original Names

    Some of these I won't be able to unsee.

    1. The Sex Maggots

    2. Touch

    3. Naked Toddler

    4. Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem

    5. Blood Fart

    6. Lizzy Grant

    7. Starfish

    8. Alexis Texas

    9. Davy Jones

    10. Kara's Flowers

    11. Rat Salad

    12. Xero

    13. Rainbow Butt Monkeys

    14. Village Idiot

    15. Polka Tulk Blues Band

    16. Sweet Children

    17. Rain

    18. Girls Tyme

    19. LYLAS

    20. 2 Shades Deep

    21. The Young Aborigines

    22. The Tea Set

    23. Katy Hudson

    24. The Rattlesnakes

    25. Tranzlator Crew

    26. Unique Attraction

    27. Nyuk

    28. The Salty Peppers

    29. 2nd Nature

    30. Pen Cap Chew

    31. Duck Tape