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A Vintage Store Is Going Viral For Putting Up A Sign About Face Masks That Gets Real Dark, Real Fast

That's a good sign.

Antique Sugar is a vintage shop in downtown Phoenix.

They reopened on June 1, and like most logical businesses, are requiring people to wear face masks inside their store.

If you didn't know, Arizona has become one of the hot spots for COVID-19 cases and deaths, so it's been especially important to follow these safety protocols.

Today Arizona will be reporting record highs for reported new #COVID19 cases and deaths. The virus is widespread in Arizona. Please follow all public health guidance to keep yourself and others safe and help contain the spread. #MaskUpAZ #SaferAtHome

Now, they're going viral for a sign they put outside their store.

The owner said that they originally had a "much sweeter" sign that said: "Thank you for wearing a mask. Help us stay healthy so we can stay open." She got frustrated with people coming in and arguing with her about it, so she changed it to the one that's now going viral.

Here's the sign. The tweet has over 80,000 retweets and 350,000 likes:

Much like the pandemic, this vintage store warning sign escalated quickly

Response has been overwhelmingly positive:

And for the few that disagree, here's what they said to someone who called them "disgusting":