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    Amy Schumer Has Apparently Gifted Her Horrifying Childhood Doll To Her Baby


    In 2016, Amy Schumer went on Jimmy Fallon and shared a picture of her childhood stuffed animal collection.

    It was terrifying.

    This was the photo Amy showed Fallon:

    With bonus Tilda Swinton. Amy said she commissioned Tilda's husband to paint them.

    One stuffed animal is the most special to Amy and that's "Pokey."

    Pokey is terrifying.

    So, Amy and her husband had a baby in early 2019.

    Recently, Amy posted a picture of her and Pokey when she was a kid.

    She also posted a picture of Pokey with her new baby.

    The pictures were captioned:

    Michelle Pfeiffer commented on the photo of Pokey and the baby and I have to agree with her sentiment.

    Same, sister. Same.

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