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Attention Americans, The Entire World Is Absolutely Disgusted By How We Heat Water

They will never get over it.

Here in the BuzzMines of BuzzFeed, we obsessively post things that non-Americans think are weird about Americans.

Americans in movies always have a big bowl of mixed lettuce in the middle of the table with their dinner

But there's one thing that I keep coming back to over and over again.

Like it won't go away.

Like it's some big stain on "American culture."

Like every time I make a list about weird American things, I have to wade through 1,000 tweets of people complaining about it.

It involves mugs of water.

And it involves what we do with them.

I put a graphic warning label over this picture because it truly infuriates non-Americans:

In case you didn't get that, that's a cup of water being heated up in a microwave.

People around the world are shocked that we use microwaves to heat water.

It's a thing that is genuinely surprising to the general non-American public.

I need answers: Do americans REALLY put water in the microwave? Just to heat it up ?

True disbelief.

Americans Microwave there water?????

Minds blown.

Apparently, most Americans do not own kettles, but instead microwave their water. This is wrong. Mind. Blown.


something about americans heating up their water in the microwave instead of a fucking kettle deeply disturbs me


Why do Americans heat water in a microwave I am discombobulated


god… hearing Americans talk about how they use a microwave to boil the water for their coffee, rather than a kettle, is never not going to creep me out


all americans know is boil water in the microwave and it is frankly sickening

Unable to sleep.

ever since I found out americans microwave water to make tea I haven’t been able to sleep well at night

Scarred for life.

I just found out Americans microwave their water to make tea and stuff, and I think I’m scarred for life

But you know what, I'm sick of apologizing for microwaving my water. I've had enough.

Yes, sorry, I don't have a kettle. Sue me*!

It's a thing I was raised on!

Not all of us do it — some of us use the stove, but I would say most do.

Woman with American flag contacts looking at a mug

But really, in conclusion, no one should be confused that Americans do this.

It's very on brand for us.

whats up with americans and their obsession with microwaves

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