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25 Things Americans Do In Movies That Make No Sense To Everyone Around The World

The "bag of frozen peas" thing is very real.


Americans in movies always swallow pills without water is this some shit yall actually do?


Do Americans really eat chips on sandwiches like on tv?


Do Americans really care about Halloween or is that a tv show/twitter thing


when americans on tv shows make tea by putting the cups in a microwave. i am..... disgusted.......


Do Americans really not say goodbye when ending a phone call? All these tv shows they just hang up.


Do Americans really wear their outside shoes around the whole house? On their beds????? Is tv lying? I hope so


do americans really eat chinese food out of those cardboard boxes like in tv shows???


Do Americans really eat as much meatloaf as TV makes it seem? They must be like, 60% loaf by now.


do all americans really have fresh coffee ready 24/7 like on tv


Americans in movies always have a big bowl of mixed lettuce in the middle of the table with their dinner


I don't get how Americans in movies leave their front doors unlocked, that's cute, if we did that here, random families would move in.


What’s with Americans in movies leaving their curtains and blinds open at night, I can’t look out at the dark or I’ll cry


Why do Americans in movies/on tv always go out for ice cream imagine leaving ur house and not going drinking


How do Americans in movies always manage to group text their whole school? Is this legit a thing over there?


Why do Americans in movies never say goodbye on the phone?? Just hang up on eachother so annoying or something hahaha


do americans really have red cups all the time at parties or is that just in movies? someone let me know thanks


All Americans in movies own a baseball bat in the house when they hear rattling.


Do Americans really carry groceries in paper bags or is that just in movies only?


americans in movies and series taking a sip of their “”coffee”” and feeling immediately restored LMAO BITCH PLEASE have you ever tried what we italians take to study it’s called a fuckinG WHOLE CAFFETTIERA DI ESPRESSO


Why are Americans in movies so obsessed with prom


I wish Americans in movies would just top comparing the length of things to that of a football field. I have no idea how long that is.


It amuses me when Americans in movies try to stop a natural disaster ending the world because they're Americans and they just have to try


What are funions? Americans on TV shows talk about them constantly. Onion rings? Onion flavour corn-snacks? Yes, I could google.


Why do Americans on TV shows have to go "grab" a cup of coffee? Can't see how that could ever end well. Especially if the cup is styrofoam.


According to movies, all Americans have a bag of frozen peas in their fridge, but they never use it while cooking.