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    26 Reasons Pokémon Go Is Actually A Really, Really Good Thing

    No, seriously... at least until the server goes down again.

    Everyone (mostly old people) are quick to shit on Pokémon Go and people for having fun.

    But the truth is Pokémon Go is pretty damn awesome and responsible for some really cool stuff.

    Hear me out:

    1. Pokémon Go is, first and foremost, bringing people together.

    2. People are meeting people they would never have met otherwise.

    3. There is *real* palpable energy out there.

    4. This is all over an iPhone game!

    5. People are reuniting.

    6. People talking to people? It's like the dang 1950s out there...

    7. People are meeting their neighbors for the first time...

    8. It's awesome.

    9. And sometimes actually insane.

    10. It's a real, true global community.

    11. The answer for societal peace.

    12. And it's literally tearing down societal boundaries.

    13. Even cops are getting in on the fun.

    Pokémon Go is also revolutionizing the way people workout.

    14. People are running.

    15. People are going on hikes.

    16. They're walking dogs.

    17. They're kayaking to random fountains.

    18. And they're stopping crime! CRIME!

    19. Our national parks have new life! This is Teddy Roosevelt's dream!

    20. Pokémon Go is showing people places in their communities they've never been before.

    21. It might even get you some free pizza.

    22. This person found a trail.

    23. This person found a tiny library.

    24. In the end, it's helping people feel like a kid again...

    25. And helping people feel just a little bit better.

    26. And it's also helping people troll the Westboro Baptist church.

    Long live Pokémon Go (as long as the servers are online).