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26 Photos That Could Only Have Been Taken In The Early 2000s

Warning: thick-ass digital cameras and awkward photo shoots ahead.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share a picture of themselves that screamed early 2000s. We received a ton of pictures that will give you intense flashbacks to the days when people covered their arms in foam bracelets, had photo shoots in front of mirrors, and all photos basically looked like they were taken with potatoes. Enjoy!



"I feel like this encompasses it all. A Scary Kids Scaring Kids t-shirt (RIP SKSK), one glove, a studded belt, Chucks, eyeliner, and a lip ring. I was a total emo kid, years later I still am and would wear most of this stuff today. Fight me." -cristagraveyarddollr


"Summer 2004. Have you ever seen an 11-year-old girl so excited to be in front of the MTV Store? Behold: denim-on-denim, red-and-white Etnies, a silver Roxy belt (with rhinestones on the buckle, no less!), and, yes, a butterfly clip on either side of my hair." - Valerie G. G.


"Abercrombie and Hollister pretty much just threw up on all of us. Jean frayed short skirts, ripped jeans, small coach bags, shell chokers, collared Abercrombie shirts under regular Abercrombie/Hollister shirts. All of it." - carlyh4e1ed1a44



"I had a hard time choosing between the photo of me doing the peace sign with my pink iPod nano or the photo of me posing with my black Razr. I went with this one as it showcased my horrible thick eyeliner and black hair when I was going through a phase." - haleighbarbers



"The year: 2005. The age: 17. I bought those socks at Claire’s and wore them with that skirt more than once. This was “for fun” but don’t for a second doubt that I thought I actually looked kind of good. This went on my Myspace and my Xanga." - hayleyj7



"Colorful Uggs, Sorority wallet in hand, and uber trendy North Face Jacket covering up soffe shorts. The height of easy-going fashionable college student in the early 2000s. So trendy it hurts. My poor heart." - chiltont



"Life was good in 2001. I was 12, on vacation in Las Vegas with my family and had $50 to blow. This is what I chose to spend it on. I went home and told all my friends I met NSYNC. They gave me the silent treatment for a solid month when I came clean and told them my head was photoshopped into the picture. Still worth it." - jamieo49a134843

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