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25 Boy Band Photo Shoots That Went Horribly Wrong

Posing for pictures is hard!

1. That time the Backstreet Boys were doing a photo shoot at a country club and Brian's chair fell over and no one would help him up.

2. The time when Joey McIntyre sat down in a chair, his jeans tore, and he was left with a GIANT hole on his knee.

3. The other time Joey's jeans tore just before his photo shoot with Oprah and he tried to hide behind Donnie but we could still totally see the rip.

4. That time AJ was visibly upset that he didn't get to wear the giant baggy BSB jacket.

5. That time the hair straightener burned out.

6. The time Justin wore two pairs of pants and the pair on top broke.

7. The time the boys totally left Lance out of the all-white on the beach photo shoot.

8. The time Lance fell into the bathtub and everyone laughed at him.

9. The time it was really cold and all of the guys had to wear their winter coats.

10. That time the wardrobe department ordered Jordan's vest three sizes too small and he had to wear it anyway.

11. The time their were no chaperones and Lance and Joey could have totally been killed.

12. The time AJ didn't realize his tank top was see-through.

13. The time Nick Lachey questioned his life for wearing these overalls.

14. The time AJ decided to accessorize his outfit with a pair of ski goggles.

15. That time JC decided to also accessorize his outfit with ski goggles.

16. The time Nick Carter got electrocuted.

17. That time the New Kids on the Block had to pose like this and it just looked wrong.

18. The time Brian Littrell forgot how buttons work.

19. That time there was only one shower working so all of the guys had to shower together.

20. The time Lou Pearlman insisted on being part of the shoot and it just looked creepy and weird.

21. The time Jordan fell from from a streetlight.

22. The time 98 Degrees awkwardly made that one random dude wear a wifebeater.

23. The time they tried to kill him off and he thought they were joking but they totally weren't.

24. Also that other time they tried to feed him to a dinosaur.

25. The time NSYNC played tug-of-war and thought it was a good idea to get a pug involved...

...it wasn't.