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    The 40 Greatest Fictional Teammates Of All Time

    If you needed a made-up person to get your back, these are the guys you'd go to.

    40. Sidney Dean and Billy Hoyle.

    39. Steve Lattimer.

    38. Mel Clark.

    37. Thornton Mellon.

    36. Nigel Gruff.

    35. Jim Bowers.

    34. Air Bud.

    Movie or TV Show: Air Bud.

    Pros: Broke the infamous dog barrier in sports. Almost always the most athletic player on the team. Relatively unfazed by the spotlight. Loyal to his owner.

    Cons: Brings a lot of baggage and unwanted media attention. Very full of himself. Rarely at practice due to his incredibly busy schedule. Spreads himself a little thin with his extracurricular activities.

    33. Icebox.

    32. Ryan Dunne.

    31. Rod Tidwell.

    30. Daniel Bateman.

    29. Delia Graci.

    28. Dave Stoller.

    27. Bill Murray.

    26. Steve Nebraska.

    25. Jamal Wallace.

    24. Bobby Boucher.

    23. Roy Hobbs.

    22. Ed.

    21. Torrance Shipman.

    20. Jesus Shuttlesworth.

    19. Ricky Vaughn.

    18. Kit Keller.

    17. Everyone from Team Pup 'N Suds.

    16. Willie Beamon.

    15. Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez.

    14. Goose.

    13. The Bash Brothers.

    12. The Hanson Brothers.

    11. Dottie Hinson.

    10. Lou Collins.

    9. Peter La Fleur.

    8. Shane Falco

    7. Jake Taylor

    6. Doug Glatt.

    5. Crash Davis.

    4. Matt Saracen.

    3. John Biebe.

    2. Tim Riggins.

    1. Antoine Tyler.

    Whoops: The original version of this post referenced Jason Street as Riggins' quadriplegic best friend. Street is actually a paraplegic, as evidenced by his ability to punch Riggins in the face for having sex with his girlfriend.