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16 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Seattle Seahawks To Win The Super Bowl

...if your team didn't make the playoffs.

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3. Because Marshawn Lynch speaks his mind in goal-line situations.

Yes, this is Marshawn Lynch giving the Seattle coaching staff the middle finger after hearing the play call on third and goal was not a run play. Yes, this is awesome.

7. Because Marshawn Lynch will teach you the importance of spell check...

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Do yourself a favor and watch this whole video.


8. ...chain restaurants and "playtime."

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See: Note on No. 7.

11. And the Legion's outspoken leader, Richard Sherman, might be the NFL's most interesting player.

Instagram: @a9f2d568425311e38a7322000a1fa414_8.jpg

Sherman is a high school salutatorian from Compton with a communications degree from Stanford who volunteers at rehab centers, works with kids and talks more shit than anyone in the NFL.



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