16 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Seattle Seahawks To Win The Super Bowl

…if your team didn’t make the playoffs.

1. Because Pete Carroll is Owen Wilson’s father!*

Otto Greule Jr. / Getty

New Line Cinema



2. And because he patrols the sidelines like a smug old robber baron.

This GIF is never not funny.

3. Because Marshawn Lynch speaks his mind in goal-line situations.

Yes, this is Marshawn Lynch giving the Seattle coaching staff the middle finger after hearing the play call on third and goal was not a run play. Yes, this is awesome.

4. Because Russell Wilson is one of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL…

5. And his facial expressions in the ESPY photobooth were pretty priceless.

6. Because Snoop approves.


Snoop Dogg is a friend of Pete Carroll’s dating back to his USC days.

7. Because Marshawn Lynch will teach you the importance of spell check…

Do yourself a favor and watch this whole video.

8. …chain restaurants and “playtime.”

See: Note on No. 7.

9. And because he also happens to be one of the toughest runners in the league.

10. Because their secondary has the best nickname in the NFL.

Does any other secondary even have a nickname?

11. And the Legion’s outspoken leader, Richard Sherman, might be the NFL’s most interesting player.

Sherman is a high school salutatorian from Compton with a communications degree from Stanford who volunteers at rehab centers, works with kids and talks more shit than anyone in the NFL.

12. …as well as its biggest troll.


Sherman doesn’t get along with his former college coach Jim Harbaugh. He got into a personal argument with ESPN personality Skip Bayless on air. He got suckerpunched by Trent Williams after last year’s playoff game against the Redskins. But he never stops talking.

13. Because Drizzy Drake approves.


14. Because Derrick Coleman is one of the most inspiring stories in the NFL this season.

Coleman is the only legally deaf offensive player in NFL history.

15. Because this 3-year-old knows more about the Seahawks than you know about anything.

This little girl knows everyone from the offensive line coach to the nickel cornerback — she’s 3 years old.

16. Because The 12th Man is the loudest and most intimidating fan base in the NFL.


So grab a few sticks of gum.

…and your favorite nightmare bird mask…

And join the fun in Seattle.

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