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27 People Who Need To Be Banned From Society


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1. Twitter historians who believe Earth is 2015 years old.

2. Psychopaths who serve spaghetti on top of the sauce.

3. Road hogs.

4. Pig parkers.

Bonus points for having vanity plates. / Via

Bonus points for having vanity plates.

5. Modern villains of public transportation.

6. Parking enforcers who take their job WAY too seriously.

7. The Jenns of the world.

8. People who prefer steak to look and taste like hockey pucks.

9. Frustratingly vague text messagers.

10. Truckers who drive side by side on a two-lane highway.

11. Anyone who thinks there are more or less than 24 hours in a day.

12. People who leave the train like this:

13. Parents who don't trust science.

14. People who try not to overthink things.

15. People that live with this madness.

16. Frustratingly inept Craigslist salesmen.

17. People who obviously don't know the "clear" button exists.

18. People who have never seen The Parent Trap.

19. Bastards who leave the toilet like this.

20. People who asked, "When am I ever gonna need this?" in math class.

21. Roommates who believe ice trays refill themselves.

22. People who don't understand how the U.S. government works.

23. Teens who judge a book by its cover.

24. Spokespeople for adult education.

25. Unnecessary lifehackers.

26. Anyone that believes this bullshit.

27. And Joel Osteen.

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