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16 More Reasons To Root Against The Evil Canadians At The Winter Olympics

With the Sochi games mere days away, it’s time to jump-start your crippling case of SOCHI FEVER by directing all your aggression toward our neighbors to the north.

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2. Canadian comedian Howie Mandel wore this to "honour" the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

NBC / Via @LoganRhoades

Disgraceful. I guess this is the sense of "humour" they keep claiming to have?


7. A Mazda Miata cruising top-down in a blizzard.

Show some respect for your Mazda vehicle. Its maximum sporting precision wasn't meant to be wasted on a damp, barren Saskatchewan hellscape.

8. They are responsible for all emo music and its resulting culture.

Emo, Ontario, is, I assume, the source of everything emo in the world and therefore everything evil. Also Avril Lavigne is Canadian.


12. They also take ownership of the sport we kick the world's collective ass in.

Sure, Dr. James Naismith was Canadian, but the game he created started in the United States of America and that's where it flourished and continues to flourish except for 2004, which is Larry Brown and Richard Jefferson's fault and is something we don't talk about. The last time Canada medalled in basketball at the Olympics was 1936.


But in all seriousness, Canada, best of luck in Sochi! You're gonna need it.

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