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    24 Things That'll Make You Laugh Through Your Tears

    Grab a tissue or two.

    1. This person who finally found Waldo:

    2. Patty H's reason she moved to the Sunshine State:

    3. This person who set the record straight:

    4. This truth:

    5. This table for one:

    6. This modern reality:

    7. This hilariously sad "what if?":

    8. This epiphany:

    9. This train advertisement:

    10. This way of looking at the bright side:

    11. This tragically comic timing:

    12. This dark shower thought:

    13. This illustration:

    14. This apology to the diamond industry:

    15. This dog's reaction:

    16. This dystopian future:

    17. This kid's view of adults:

    18. This dad joke:

    19. This yearbook quote:

    20. This reality of being a dog owner:

    21. This Florida man:

    22. This perspective on life:

    23. This American Dream:

    24. And this reaction to a Donald Trump quote on healthcare: