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How Jersey Are You?


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    Click everything that applies to you...
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    Click everything that applies to you...

    You have strong opinions regarding pizza.
    You’ve eaten pizza for two meals in one day and weren’t upset about it.
    You have a favorite bagel place.
    You have a favorite deli.
    You’ve been to a diner at an unreasonable hour.
    You know what taylor ham is.
    You know what pork roll is.
    You know taylor ham and pork roll are the same thing.
    You know what a ripper is.
    You've eaten fat sandwich from the grease trucks at Rutgers.
    Your family has rented a shore house.
    Your family owns a shore house.
    You’ve called someone a Shoebie.
    You’ve been called a Shoebie.
    You’ve called someone a BENNY.
    You’ve called someone a BENNY and knew what the acronym stood for.
    You've had $1 Bud Lights at The Parker House.
    You have a friend who's had a summer share in Manasquan or Belmar.
    You’ve had a summer share in Manasquan or Belmar.
    You've gotten inappropriately drunk at The Osprey of Leggett's.
    You've done some things you regret at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant.
    You've taken too many shots at Tiki Bar.
    You've tried to beat the clock at Bar A.
    You've been to Cape May.
    You've gotten hammered at D'Jais in Belmar.
    You’ve had a friend with a house on Long Beach Island.
    You think every beach town south of LBI is for Philly people.
    You’ve been to Atlantic City for a bachelor or bachelorette party.
    You know better than to go to the beach in Atlantic City.
    You’ve been to The Stone Pony in Asbury Park.
    You’ve seen Bruce Springsteen at The Stone Pony.
    You’ve seen Bruce Springsteen at Giants Stadium.
    You’ve seen Bruce Springsteen out in the wild.
    You’ve met Bruce Springsteen.
    You are Bruce Springsteen.
    You’ve owned a Bon Jovi album.
    You know never to compare Jovi to Bruce.
    You know Sinatra was born in Hoboken and remind people of it.
    You've seen a show at Maxwell's.
    You’ve been to Hoboken's St. Patrick's Day.
    You’ve gotten a public urination ticket in Hoboken during the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
    You’ve walked past Carlo’s bakery just to laugh at tourists.
    You’ve been to a Devils game.
    You’ve been to Brendan Byrne Arena.
    You’ve been to Continental Airlines Arena.
    You’ve been to the Izod Center.
    You know that Brendan Byrne, Continental Airlines, and Izod are all the same place.
    You know what Xanadu is.
    You still refer to MetLife Stadium as Giants Stadium.
    You disowned the Nets when they moved to Brooklyn.
    You've been to either a NJ Jackals, Newark Bears, Lakewood BlueClaws, or Somerset Patriots game.
    You’ve skiied and swam at Mountain Creek.
    You’ve been to Six Flags Great Adventure.
    You've been to Hurricane Harbor.
    You care about your car too much to go to Wild Safari.
    You can name at least five malls within twenty minutes of where you grew up.
    You have a shitty mall and a nice mall.
    You know the Short Hills mall is for rich people.
    You know someone who “works in construction.”
    You’ve seen every episode of "The Sopranos."
    You know at least one place in the opening credits of "The Sopranos."
    You’ve accidentally walked past the filming of Real Housewives of New Jersey.
    You hated how the MTV show “The Jersey Shore” stereotyped our beach communities.
    You still enjoyed watching “The Jersey Shore.”
    You’ve fist pumped ironically.
    You’ve fist pumped ironically but secretly enjoyed it.
    You know what a jughandle is.
    You know how to properly navigate a traffic circle.
    You sometimes forget Princeton University is in New Jersey.
    You've owned a monthly pass for NJ Transit.
    You've endured soul-crushing NJ Transit delays.
    You've taken a dump on a NJ Transit train.
    You've thrown up on an NJ Transit train.
    You refer to New York City as “The City.”
    You’ve taken NJ Transit into The City and stayed out until the first train in the morning.
    You’ve hitchhiked over the George Washington Bridge to save money.
    You resent the term “Bridge and Tunnel crowd.”
    You know the Statue of Liberty is technically on the NJ side of the Hudson River.
    You’ve spent a day doing Weird NJ things.
    You’ve been to the Gates of Hell.
    You’ve gotten lost trying to find Midgetville.
    You’ve attempted to find to Jersey Devil.
    You’re creeped out by the Pine Barrens.
    You’ve stopped doing Weird NJ stuff because it got TOO weird.
    You still have a blue license plate.
    You actually do identify where you live by your Parkway or Turnpike exit.
    You know there are traffic lights on the Parkway if you go far enough south.
    You know there is always traffic at Exit 8A on the Turnpike.
    You know how to avoid as many tolls as possible.
    You have family from either Bayonne, Jersey City or Elizabeth.
    You’ve eaten Portugese food in the Ironbound section of Newark.
    You've seen the "Trenton Makes The World Takes" sign.
    You purposely avoid Camden at all costs.
    You know there’s an Ikea in Elizabeth, but you have no clue how to get to it.
    You’ve defended NJ at a party by listing every famous person who is from the Garden State.
    You've gotten into a fight because you're from New Jersey.
    You’re unsure where Central Jersey begins and ends.
    You think people from South Jersey are weird.
    You think people from North Jersey are pretentious.
    You hate anyone that hates on New Jersey.

How Jersey Are You?

Maybe you've had a layover at Newark Airport or driven through Jersey on your way to NYC, but you've never really experienced the Garden State. And no, binge-watching episodes of Jersey Shore does not count. You've gotta live it to understand.

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Maybe you are from New Jersey but you seriously need to get out more. Grab yourself a slice of pizza and listen to a Frank Sinatra record or two — there's a whole lotta Jersey out there waiting to be explored.

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There's no denying it: You've got Jersey in your veins (or maybe that's just the pork roll?). Pump up the Springsteen and fist-pump into the New Jersey sunset. You're a proud patriot of the Garden State and you don't care who knows it.

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Whoa. You're so Jersey that there's a very good chance you are Bruce Springsteen. What's it like being a walking embodiment of the greatest state on earth?

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