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    25 Reasons Why "Home Alone 2" Is Way Better Than The Original

    Would you rather be stuck at home or lost in New York with your dad's credit card?

    1. New York City > Chicago Suburbs

    2. The Talkboy


    Also know as the greatest movie prop of all time.

    3. The Plaza Hotel

    4. Donald Trump's Epic Cameo

    5. The Most Magical Toy Store Ever!

    6. Mr. Duncan and His Turtle Doves.

    7. Sticky Bandits > Wet Bandits

    8. Kevin's Loving, and Not at All Creepy, Relationship with the Bird Lady

    9. The Fact That the Bird Lady Lived in the Attic of Carnegie Hall


    BONUS: Brenda Fricker's maternal instincts were also showcased in Angels in the Outfield as Joseph Gordon-Levitt's foster mom.

    10. The Finest Idiots in New York City

    11. Rob Schneider Getting Gum as a Tip

    12. Ally Sheedy as the Ticket Agent!

    13. "Little Moe with the Gimpy Leg..."


    Outwitting the admittedly dim-witted Plaza staff is still more impressive than tricking the pizza delivery guy.

    14. Creepy-Ass Tim Curry

    15. Extinguish Head in Kerosine-Filled Toilet > Snow

    16. Kevin Goes Sightseeing with a Polaroid Camera

    17. Kevin Knocking Buzz Off the Bleachers

    18. The Fact that Someone Thought This Was a Human Being...

    19. The Cab Drivers Were Terrifying*


    Which instilled a fear of cabs, and therefore forcing an entire generation to either walk or learn the subway system.

    20. Marv Getting Electrocuted

    21. Large Lead Pipe > Paint Cans

    22. Christmas at the Plaza

    23. John Williams' typically wonderful beautiful score "Christmas Star."

    View this video on YouTube

    24. Pizza + Limo = Heaven

    25. This Iconic Line of Dialogue...