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    30 Small Businesses To Try If You’re Over Shopping All The Same Brands

    You are going to want to peep these amazing small biz shops ASAP.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Valfre is one of my all-time favorite small brands. The shop is chock-full of adorable merchandise — from T-shirts, dresses, journals, key chains, tapestries, AND stickers! This shop just has the grooviest vibe.


    What can I say? Valfré is awesome. This shop is brought to you by Ilse Valfre who is a Mexican contemporary artist that splits her time between Mexico and Los Angeles. Check out the her brand's best-selling 2022 items here which includes this fun Evil Planner so you can get your organization game on this year.

    Valfre was founded in 2013 with a mission to create unique products and experiences that are a direct reflection of the psychedelic world that she has created.

    Price range: $6-$64

    Get on to the groove and boogie on the Valfre website for more awesome merch.

    2. Muslin Comfort sells the *dreamiest* muslin blankets, comforters, pajamas, and more. Get ready for a cozy and warm winter with these amazing products!

    Muslin Comfort

    This shop is making me want to WFB (work from bed)! Owner and creator, Shyla, was fed up with countless post-partum night-sweats while co-sleeping with my youngest. She was jealous of her baby's muslin blankets and inspired to create a collection of muslin products for all. The rest is history!

    Promising review: "My favorite blankets! I’ll never go back to a regular comforter again. Best customer service!!" —Crystal F

    Price range: $19.99–$349.99

    Check out more of the comfy, stylish picks at Muslin Comfort.

    3. Oui the People is a totally radical movement using skincare products to redefine beauty standards. This shop sells sustainable shaving products to keep your body so fresh and so clean, clean.

    Oui the People

    Founder, Karen, grew up in a household that banned all beauty magazines and instead her family subscribed to National Geographic. This mindset and upbringing led to the launch of Oui Shave (now Oui the People) and has grown into a movement.

    With OUI the People came a mission: The reConstittuion of Beauty is our commitment to "watch our language". No brand is just a brand. Clearly. Brands inform culture and language, as beauty has done for decades. We believe beauty shouldn't come at the expense of our psyche. Rather than pursuing flawlessness, we aim to build efficacious products, designed thoughtfully, that help you feel great in the skin you're already in. —Karen, owner.

    Price range: $11–$150

    Check out more of their lovely and mindful products at Oui the People.

    4. Modern Pets creates lovely products that are both modern in style and highly functional. So if you are like me, and love your pet items to match your modern decor this is the shop for you!

    Modern Pets

    This shop is motivated by modern design and their love for animals. They also strive to build a community where pet lovers can share their ideas, passion, and love for their pets. Check out these adorable cat teaser wands with laser and these geometric bones.

    Promising review: "Love this shop. Will definitely visit again." —Caitlyn

    Price range: $9.99–$79.99

    Check out these simply beautiful designs at Modern Pets.

    5. Ollie Gray is the coolest shop for expecting and post partum moms. They make innovative maternity wear that are both comfy and inspiring. From bras, shoes, underwear, and lounge wear — the folxs at Ollie Gray have got you covered.

    Ollie Gray

    I wish I knew about this shop post-partum! But now I can share it with you all! Ollie Gray is a forward-thinking maternity shop that makes items for every body. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Kate and her husband Bryce created the revolutionary Anywhere Bra. Fun story, their endeavor began in 2016 as a Kickstarter that was 330% funded by 554 backers!

    So often, moms buy what will get us by until our bodies bounce back, until we stop nursing, until we’re back in those pre-pregnancy jeans. At Ollie Gray, we think that’s just wrong. We believe women are beautiful, powerful and perfect at every stage of life — motherhood included. We also believe you should treat yourself to maternity and postpartum clothing that works for where you are now. Think of it as an investment in your comfort, your confidence and your sanity. (TBH, we’ve heard our products are so damn good, moms wear them long after they’ve kicked pumps and onesies to the curb.) —Kate Rech, owner

    Promising review: "As a runner, there was nothing I was looking forward to more postpartum than lacing up my shoes and getting back out there. I did not realize, however, just how much my breasts had changed and the additional maintenance they would require. I had tried a few different running/ sports nursing bras and finally found these, which keep my chest in place the same way my sports bras did before pregnancy. I get no bounce and the fact that I can go from pumping to yoga to breastfeeding to running is awesome. These bras are liberating, and I will probably hang on to them after I'm done breastfeeding because they fit my lifestyle so well." —Sara

    Price range: $15—$135

    See more comfy cozy wear at Ollie Gray.

    6. Outer will fulfill all your outdoor needs. Stuck in quarantine and need a decor project? Head over to Outer and browse their *laid back* selection of outdoor couches, fireplaces, rugs, and chairs. You won't regret it!


    This shop was made with the intention of truly enjoying the outdoors in style. Co-founders Terry Lin & Jiake Liu set out to reinvent outdoor furniture with community values and recyclable materials.

    Promising review: "We bought this for our deck on our new home and get so many compliments. It’s so comfortable to sit on by our fireplace and looks so chic! Love the Grey fabric and easy to keep dry covers. Will definitely purchase more products from outer!" —Kelly L

    Price range: $125–$4,450

    Check out more stylish outdoor furniture and products at Outer.

    7. Partake is an awesome, and yummy cookie shop. Their products are known for ingredients that are specially made for people with severe food allergies.

    A variety of Partake cookie boxes

    This delicious endeavor began in New York when Denise's daughter Vivienne was diagnosed with severe food allergies as an infant. Frustrated that there were not many healthy and safe snack options.

    As a Black female CEO & founder, Denise is passionate about raising awareness of Black and female entrepreneurship and increasing opportunity for women and people of color seeking careers in the food industry —Denise, owner

    Promising review: "This was a great tasting cookie just the right amount of crunch to it, and the flavor was just as good. Love that these cookies are for people who have allergies and have gluten problem and can still enjoy the finer things in life." —Shorty76

    Price range: $14.99–$39.99

    Go peep some more delicious treats at Partake's website OR add their yummy selects into your Target cart.

    8. Open Air Outfitters has all the fresh tie-dye threads you can imagine! Not only are their prints fly, but they look like the perfect attire for a good old night of Netflix and Chill.

    Open Air / Etsy, Open Air Outfitters / Etsy

    Open Air Outfitters is run by Avienne in Roslyn, Washington. She is a creative who loves glass blowing, stained glass, ceramics, crochet, weaving, sewing, painting, tie-dyeing, heat transfer and adhesive vinyl, and so much more! You can even choose your own colors to customize your very own tie-dye loungewear set!

    Price range: $5.99–$100

    Peep more tie die goodies at Open Air Outfitters on Etsy.

    9. Felt Up by Amelia makes lovely floral bouquets from felt so you can gift your friends and family flowers that will last forever! Plus you gotta love their clever business name!?!

    bouquet of colorful felt flowers in a clear jar-like vase
    Felt Up By Amelia / Etsy

    This is an Asian American-owned shop run by Amelia in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She creates unique floral bouquets all made from felt! In addition to playing with felt, Amelia loves pups, coffee, and fresh air. Check out this cute lavender bouquet that can even be ordered with a scent option. 

    Price range: $5–$109

    See more felt designs from Felt Up by Amelia on Etsy.

    10. Marley's Monsters is the eco-friendly shop that dreams are made of, and is full of a wide variety of reusable products. My personal favorites include the UNpaper towels that come in so many fun and cute prints. We use these at our house so if a mom of two can live without paper towels, then so can you!

    Marley's Monsters / Etsy

    This shop is your best *green* friend's dream come true. Sarah Dooley started Marley's Monsters while on maternity leave and never looked back. Her passion for being creative and crafty eventually grew into a full blown operation out of Eugene, Oregon. Check out these amazing reusable make-up pads.

    Price range: $4–$86

    Check out more of their reusable products at Marley's Monsters on Etsy.

    11. Chemo Cozy makes jackets for people in chemotherapy, an amazing venture in my opinion. These jackets come in all colors and sizes so you can keep your loved ones nice and cozy during their treatments.

    ChemoCozy / Etsy

    Chemo Cozy is a family-owned business based in Pennsylvania and was the result of the company president, Greg Hamilton’s, chemotherapy experience. While dealing with cancer himself, Greg and Ellen Hamilton identified the need for more accessible and comfortable clothing for him to wear when receiving Chemotherapy. With a special pocket for easy port access, the Hamilton's created the most comfortable way for Greg to get the treatment he needed and now they're sharing the coziness with everyone. Check out this lovely teal color here.

    Price: All jackets are $69.99!

    Peep the jackets for kids and adults in all different colors at Chemo Cozy on Etsy.

    12. Pastry Made — for bakers so they can make sweet goodies with a personalized rolling pin! They provide top-quality baking and decorating supplies with baking tips and recipes in every package. So get ready to *roll out* some delicious treats this year.

    Pastry Made / Etsy

    This shop is based in Warsaw, Poland and the brain child of Karolina Z. I am totally in love with her Game of Thrones rolling pin and the cool square cookie cutters.

    Promising review: "I’m so happy with my GOT roller pin! The celigraphs of the house and the slogans are so nice."—Jennifer Villegas Izquierdo

    Price range: $7.95–$24.95

    Check out all of their imaginative rolling pins at Pastry Made on Etsy.

    13. Happy Little Folks makes adorable wood toys that are also sustainable. Step up your toy game with these Insta ready pieces. These toys are the definition of form meets function!

    Happy Little Folks / Etsy

    All the toys are made of non-toxic wood and hand-painted with toy-safe paint. Happy Little Folks is a small creative studio based in Walthamstow, London founded by Iga Sielenko. Inspired by her son, Orson, Iga set out to make toys of her own inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design, nature, Montessori, and Waldorf education.

    Price range: $36.39–$51.34

    Check out all their cute toys at Happy Little Folks on Etsy.

    14. Native Sol is another one of my all-time favorite Etsy shops. They are always stocked with new handmade creations and vintage finds. From jewelry, dresses, shoes, handbags, and more — you won't regret saving this store.

    Native Sol / Etsy

    Native Sol brings the funk and heat to Esty and the streets of Long Beach and Sacramento in their two brick-and-mortar shops. The shop is Black and Filipino-owned as well as a full-fledged family operation. Owner, May, is a talented jeweler and seamstress who made my wedding jewelry!

    Price range: $5—$98

    Check out all of their vintage and handmade products at Native Sol on Etsy.

    15. Julia Bo Shoes offers versatile and timeless designs for shoes, boots, and heels. This shop will work with you to create custom personalized shoes to match any and all ensembles in your boudoir.

    JuliaBoShoes / Etsy

    A team of young entrepreneurs in London strives to bring more than 60 years of family shoe crafting tradition into the modern age. It all started in a small workshop where their grandfather handmade men's oxford shoes. How cute are these brown Derby platforms?!

    Promising review: "This my THIRD pair of oxfords from JuliaBo because I've been so happy with these shoes. My first pair is almost a year old, now, and holding up incredibly well! These shoes are SO comfortable - I love being able to work in them all day, pain-free! They are true to size, although I double-checked by sending her a drawn outline of my foot when ordering my first pair. Excellent quality, excellent design, quick shipping, and Julia is a joy to work with. Can't recommend highly enough!!" —jen birch

    Price range: $5—$160

    Check out all of their products at Julia Bo Shoes on Etsy.

    16. Brumley and Bloom is a shop full of life! Check out their large selection of live greenery so you can *spruce* up your living space and become a full-on plant mom or dad.

    BrumleyandBloom / Etsy

    This awesome boutique floral design studio and greenhouse is located in Fenton, Flint, and Owosso, Michigan. They have a particular passion for wedding and event floral design.

    Price range: $4—$105

    Check out all of their products at Brumley and Bloom on Etsy.

    17. Stitch Cute makes the most adorable crochet items to keep your little ones' heads nice and toasty this winter season. We ordered the Bluey beanie for my 2-year-old and he is absolutely smitten!

    Stitch Cute / Etsy

    This shop operates out of Middleburg Heights, Ohio — stitching up goodies all year long.

    Promising review: "The hats were perfect and my kids loved them. Customer service was amazing and fast. She was quick to respond and asked details to ensure the sizing was accurate. Thank you so much!!" —Ysella

    Price range: $10-$48

    Check out all of their cute crochet products at Stitch Cute on Etsy.

    18. A Dose of Pretty creates the most colorful and pretty customized puzzles. Want to treat a kid to a thoughtful learning toy? Look no further than these custom creations made with love and care.

    A Dose of Pretty / Etsy

    Everything at A Dose of Pretty is handmade in Los Angeles. All of their educational toys are made with nontoxic water-based paint and top-quality birch wood.

    Price range: $3.99—$44.95

    Check out all of their colorful wood-based toys A Dose of Pretty on Etsy.

    19. Masters 3 Sisters makes fabulous clocks that boast major mid-century vibes plus striking abstract wire sculptures.

    Master 3 Sisters / Etsy, Master 3 Sisters

    Irena and her two younger sisters, Miroslava and Mariya, create timeless pieces of work in Dnipro, Ukraine. The three sisters love to make beautiful things with their hands like this orange geometric clock and this amazing lion coat hook.

    Promising review: "Fabulous!! Perfect for our mid-century modern decor!" —madisonGmcgee

    Price range: $10—$240

    Check out all of their mid-century modern-inspired pieces at Masters 3 Sisters on Etsy.

    20. Stained Glass Paint creates wondrous stain-glassed art. The intricate details are phenomenal and a lot of reviewers are saying their pieces make for a perfect wedding gift.

    Stained Glass Paint / Etsy

    This shop is based in Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, and ran by Anna who was inspired by a bad mood to take a creative master class in stained glass painting. The rest is history!

    Promising review: "the quality is spectacular and matched the description. I am in love with this piece and will be buying another!" —Anya

    Price range: $16—$284

    Check out all of these stunning creations at Stained Glass Paint on Etsy.

    21. Contrail Camera JAPAN is filled with restored and refurbished vintage Japanese film cameras that any analog-lover will deeply appreciate.

    Contrail Camera JAPAN / Etsy, Contrail Camera JAPAN

    Based in Tokyo, Japan a husband and wife duo run a vintage camera workshop. Ryo Sato is in charge of refurbishing the cameras and his wife Misako Sato is in charge of selecting and applying the leather. A truly dynamic duo. Check out this super kawaii leather print.

    Price range: $135—$240

    Cruise over and take a look at all of their retro cameras at Contrail Camera JAPAN on Etsy.

    22. Nanabnoam is a totally radical shop that makes handmade screen printed T-shirts and bags. Get your groove on with these funky fresh items.

    Dixieland vintage jazz New Orleans Tshirt
    Nanabnoam / Etsy

    Nanbnoam is a DIY eco-friendly shop out of Bari, Italy. They only use water-based inks and the images are always interesting. 

    Promising review: "I wear this so often. Great and interesting design, lovely soft cotton feel. This seller is the real deal" —alixcraig

    Price range: $22.50—$26.50

    Peep all of their groovy T-shirts at Nanabnoam on Etsy.

    23. Ruby Sparrow Design is a treasure trove of bespoke handmade delights. You are sure to find something perfect for the wanderlust in your life at this shop.

    Ruby Sparrow Design / Etsy

    This shop in Liverpool is run by wanderlust dreamers with a passion for making magical creations! All of their crystals and fabrics are hand sourced during their worldly travels and turned into unique pieces.

    Price range: $16—$182

    Peruse all of their boho attire and jewelry at Ruby Sparrow Design on Etsy.

    24. Pierces Country Goods makes warm and comfy crochet kitty hats that are adorable and affordable. Also, check out this dope remote caddy so you will never misplace that pesky remote again!

    Pierces Country Goods, Pierces Country Goods / Etsy

    This crocheting wonder knits away in their small hometown in Maine. From growing up and making things for their dolls or pets to raising their kids and grandkids they have now dived into knitting full-time.

    Price range: $5—$95

    Be sure to check out all of their crochet goodies at Pierces Country Goods on Etsy.

    25. Wild Fancy Design is a totally awesome queer-owned shop that makes all-inclusive enamel pins and jewelry. Get your favorite person something wonderful and sustainable.

    Wild Fancy Design / Etsy

    Lex and Voula Nonclock hail from Northampton, Massachusetts who are artists and troublemakers. They work with unplated raw brass because the process of plating metals can be toxic for the person and the community in which they are processed. They also repurpose their packaging so this is an all-around sustainable operation. Check out this fancy Daddy enamel pin and these witchy earrings.

    Promising review: "The pin is gorgeous and such a good weight. So happy with it; my Daddy loves it already and I’ve only sent Her a photo. As always, quality is incredible and shipping was fast. Thank you, Wild Fancy team! Y’all never disappoint." —Kendall

    Price range: $11—$48

    Check out all of these fun and wild enamel products at Wild Fancy Design on Etsy.

    26. Rare Books sell rare and antiquarian reads, fine art, historical autographs, and more. Dive into this shop and you are sure to find a rare edition of one of your favorite stories!

    Rare Books / Etsy

    Rae Manchester works in Palm Springs, California slangin' books. Check out their Twitter @retrorarebooks for regular updates and promotions! Also, be sure to check back periodically because they are always listing new books and prints.

    Price range: $6—$3,847.50

    Check out all of their great finds at Rare Books on Etsy.

    27. Outpost Record Shop has hundreds of records from Rock to Country to Disco to Comedy. They also have CDs and cassettes. If you are searching for some cool vintage titles, then you have found the spot!

    Outpost Record Shop / Etsy

    Jamin' out of West Springfield, Virginia you can find thousands of albums and 45s. Also, the vinyl album covers and picture sleeves that are either unplayable or damaged are repurposed into something new and unique.

    Promising review: "Fantastic quality, it can in amazing condition and played very well. I highly recommend buying from this shop" —Catherine

    Price range: $0.50—$50

    Groove out to more tunes at Outpost Record Shop on Etsy.

    28. Scribbler is a totally radical monthly subscription box for anyone who loves to write. Get ready to unbox a treasure trove of curated writing gifts from signed books to live chats with editors and literary agents. This is seriously the best idea ever!

    Example of a Scribbler subscription box with all the goodies

    Victoria and Lindsay are two accomplished writers that have set out with the mission to help other writers achieve their dreams of getting published. 

    Promising review: "Scribbler is the absolute best subscription box I've ever gotten and the only one I have continued. If you are a writer or want to start writing, this box will teach you so much." —Tiffany

    Price range: $2–$329.99

    Cruise on over to their website to peak some of their awesome subscription boxes at Scribbler.

    29. Novel is a wonderful shop that makes book wallets! These make for a spectacular gift for your favorite bookworm. The wallets come in a variety of titles so head on over and see if they have your favorite read available.


    This shop is totally amazing and has an even more amazing story (pun intended). In 2018 the creator left their wallet on their driver's seat overnight, after a scare of not being able to find it, they decided to make a wallet that didn't look like a wallet so it would be less desirable to steal! Thus came the world's first book wallet. Check out more titles here.

    Price range: $2–$34

    Surf on over to their website to see the rest of their book wallets at Novel.

    30. And The Pop Box is a super awesome printmaking shop that produces fantastic portraits and works of art. Check out this amazing tribute to the late and great Betty White!

    Beautiful floral print of Betty White.
    The Pop Box / Etsy

    This shop is run by printmaker and illustrator, Rufus Reineck who lives in Richmond, California. Check out this amazing Yayoi Kusama print here. I love their use of mixed media and colors!

    I'm fascinated by the stories and lives of extraordinary everyday people, the personas of aging icons, and the complexities of fame. —Rufus Reineck, owner

    Price range: $2–$160

    Head over to their Esty shop to check out more fabulous prints and art at The Pop Box. 

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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