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    20 Toys So Horrifying That You'll Be Thankful You're No Longer A Kid

    It's like Toy Story meets Tim Burton but also Chucky.

    1. Idk about you guys, but I'd be too scared to play this baby piano.

    2. And I would absolutely NOT cuddle with this...stuffed nightmare.

    3. There's no way a rubber foot isn't creepy...

    4. And no, this isn't a sex toy — it's for kids. Apparently.

    5. Meanwhile, I'm not sure what's freakier: this doll's open uterus, or its little white eyes.

    6. And yes, every kid has a horse phase — but I'm not sure about a man-pony phase.

    7. The bear-in-a-box thing could possibly be cute...but you lost us on the surprise pig.

    8. And I'm not entirely comfortable about the shape of this bubble wand.

    9. Why carry a normal doll around when you could scare the bejeezies out of everyone with this one?

    10. Or just confuse everyone, with this one?

    11. Good luck explaining to your kiddos that, no, real babies don't come in a bottle.

    12. Meanwhile, this green goblin-type-thing is 1000% going to come alive at night, we're pretty sure.

    13. Same with this weirdly demonic Snow White:

    14. What is this?

    15. And why does this one look high?

    16. Is this supposed to be some kind of steal?

    17. And is this supposed to make me want to cry??

    18. And why does this panda look more like a person disguised as a panda?

    19. And while this Barbie bust is a little too murder victim-y for us...

    20. It's this forever grumpy goober that really takes the cake:

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    This post was translated from Spanish.