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This Quiz Will Tell You How Good Your Short-Term Memory Is

Let's see how many details you can recall in just a few seconds.

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The instructions are very simple: click the "start" button when you think you're ready. An image with a lot of details will appear. You should pay close attention to these details and try to memorize them. You only have 30 seconds. After that, the image will disappear.

Are you ready?

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Are you SURE?


OK, here are the questions!

  1. What color is the wall in the image?

  2. How many pens are in the cup on the desk?

  3. What's the time on to the clock?

  4. How many people in total are in the image?

  5. Which of these items appears in the image?

  6. Which of these characters DOES NOT appear in the image?

  7. Which of these plants appears in the image?

  8. How many people with blonde hair appear in the picture?

This post was translated from Spanish by Shelby Heinrich.

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