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    13 Things Selena Did Before Every Other Celebrity

    Selena Quintanilla, obviously. Is there anyone else?

    1. The white blouse with jeans look.

    Getty Images / Barbara Laing / Chris McKay

    Selena (Quintanilla-Pérez, not Gomez) was wearing this casual look – which makes it seem like she just grabbed the first shirt and jeans she could find – way back in the nineties.

    2. Bralettes

    Univision / Getty Images / John Shearer

    Going onstage with a super fancy bra, covered in sparkles, chains, and fringe is nothing new. The Queen of Tex-Mex was already stylishly doing it to the rhythm of "El Chico del Apartamento 512" in 1994.

    3. Bangs

    Getty Images / Pam Francis / Todd Williamson

    Surprise! Zooey Deschanel didn't invent bangs! And even though it wasn't her signature look, Selena experimented with them (and looked great in them) back when Zooey was still a teenager.

    4. Jumpsuits

    Getty Images / Arlene Richie / Larry Busacca

    It's very common to see Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga (and almost everyone else these days) on stage in these suits. But if you're a fan of the Tejano singer, you'll recall that she was wearing them a loooong time ago.

    5. Mom jeans

    EMI /

    These jeans (characterized by how far they go up the waist) have sort of come back into style, but they're nothing new. They're a throwback to the '80s and '90s – a time when Selena wore them unironically to show off her curves.

    6. Beehive hairdos

    Getty Images / Vinnie Zuffantte

    Celebrities (and aunts at graduation parties) are wearing this iconic style a lot these days, but it was Selena who invented the 8-inch beehive. OK, fine... she didn't really invent them, but she really pulled them off.

    7. Chokers

    EMI / Getty Images / Frederick M. Brown

    Chokers have made a huge comeback since their first bout of popularity back in the '90s. But don't forget that they were an element of the more goth looks Selena had back in her time.

    8. Stripes

    EMI / Getty Images / Pascal Le Segretain

    The striped top has been a fashion staple for decades. In fact, you've probably got a striped shirt just like Selena's in your closet right now! She was a pioneer of that look before you were probably even born.

    9. Shiny silver dresses

    EMI / Getty Images / Larry Busacca

    Do you remember that Met Gala where it seemed like every famous person was posing for photos in metallic dresses? That's right, you guessed it! Selena did it first in the video for "No Me Queda Más", a song which has definitely made you cry a few times if you're a fan of the singer.

    10. Big Hair

    Talent Musicians Association & Q-Productions Inc. / Getty Images / Jamie McCarthy

    Selena didn't invent this look by any means, but it definitely suited her!

    11. Red leather jackets

    Maverick Video Productions / Getty Images / Mike Coppola

    Listen, there's no denying Michael Jackson's part in popularizing the red leather jacket, but the Tejano singer was wearing them well over a decade ago... well before any of these modern pop stars discovered the look.

    12. Animal print

    EMI / Getty Images / Andreas Rentz

    Selena Quintanilla did what she wanted, mixed styles and cultures, and of course, wore animal print like only she could.

    13. And finally, she was just proud of her body and who she was.



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