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24 Parents Who Are Totally Nailing Book Week Costumes

The best week of the year.

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1. This whimsical Alice in Wonderland.

2. This Ketchum out to catch 'em all.

3. This smile-inducing Sadness.

4. This magnificent Maleficent.

6. This mystery-ready Daphne.

7. This Max on the hunt for a wild thing.

8. This perfect Paddington Bear.

11. This utterly delightful Dorothy.

12. This sleepy Snow White.

14. This Grinch who is so ready for Christmas.

15. This pairing of Grug and Fancy Nancy.

16. And this one of Emmett and Batman.

17. And THIS one of Jack Sparrow and Finn the Human.

19. This on point Saucepan Man.

20. This magical Mary Poppins.

21. This Shaun the Sheep duo.

22. This Tintin and Snowy ready for space.

Here's to Book Week!

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The little girl in number 13 is dressed as Galadriel. An earlier version of this post misnamed her character. Oops, we were distracted by the cuteness!