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What's An Example Of Terrible Parenting In A Movie Or TV Show?

Who has you worrying about the welfare of some fictitious kids?

Have you ever been watching a movie or TV show when you suddenly thought, these characters are actually really bad at parenting!

Now I'm not talking about characters in movies or TV shows that are SUPPOSED to be bad at raising kids, like Carrie's frighteningly abusive mother.

No! I'm talking about characters we're supposed to be rooting for. For example, maybe you were being charmed by The Parent Trap when you suddenly thought, Wait, what kind of parents separate their twins and keep the truth secret?

Or maybe you were yucking it up watching Friends when you thought, Why doesn't Ross ever see his son Ben anymore?

Or maybe it's the parents in Home Alone that you give major side-eye. I mean who forgets their freaking kid?

Or maybe your opinion is sort of controversial! Perhaps you think Lorelai Gilmore is less "perfect" mom and more "seriously, what is wrong with you?" mom.

Share your example of some really bad parenting in a movie or TV show in the comments below, and it could end up in a future BuzzFeed Community post!