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21 Ways To Keep Santa Real For Your Kids

Because everyone deserves to enjoy the magic as long as possible.

1. Download the "Parents Calling Santa" app.

2. Read The Truth About Santa by Gregory Mone.

3. Catch Santa on video.

4. Order a "Package From Santa."

5. Make sure Santa's handwriting is different than yours.

6. Download the "Letters To Santa" app.

7. Go Christmas shopping without the kids.

8. Download the "Santa Spy Cam" app.

9. Visit Norad's Santa Tracker.

10. Check out Google's Santa Tracker too.

11. Be enthusiastic about Santa.

12. Be careful with your conversations.

13. Find Santa's license under the tree.

14. Leave half-eaten carrots outside to be found on Christmas morning.

15. You can also sprinkle glitter on the front porch.

16. Use different wrapping paper.

17. Embrace the Elf on the Shelf.

18. Have Santa give your kids a gift they'd never imagine you'd give them.

19. Hide gifts somewhere your kids won't find them.

20. Say "What do you think?" when kids ask questions.

21. Don't forget what Christmas is really all about.