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    Famous Musicians You Can Hear Having Sex On Their Songs — And Others Who Did Equally Ridiculous Things On Record

    You will never, ever listen to these songs the same way again.

    1. Guns N' Roses lead singer Axl Rose can be heard having sex with Adriana Smith — the girlfriend of the band's drummer Steven Adler — on the song "Rocket Queen."

    A promo shot of Axl Rose circa 1987

    The woman who ended up on the recording, Smith, was dating Adler at the time, but he'd just told her he didn't consider her his girlfriend. Angry, she went to the studio to hang with two of the band's other members, Axl Rose and Slash, in hopes of making Adler jealous. That's when Rose approached her with his idea.

    A promo shot of drummer Steven Adler circa 1987

    The song became notorious in the wake of the album's massive success, and Smith later regretted taking part in it.

    A photo of Adriana Smith reflecting on the experience in 2009

    You can listen to "Rocket Queen" below:

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    2. You can hear the Notorious B.I.G. receiving oral sex in a skit at the end of "Respect" on his debut album, Ready to Die.

    Biggie in a white suit and rapping in a video

    You can listen to "Respect" (and the skit at the end) below:

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    3. The Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson can be heard having sex with a woman (possibly one of Charles Manson's followers) over the fade-out of their 1969 song "All I Want to Do."

    Dennis Wilson circa 1970

    Wilson had just finished producing the recording session for "All I Want to Do" when he decided to bring a woman into the studio and record the two of them having sex. The result — a bevy of moans and cries of "Oh boy!" — was placed in the fadeout of the song.

    The Beach Boys on the beach in 1969

    You can hear "All I Want to Do" below:

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    4. Susanna Hoffs didn't have sex on record, but she did record almost all of her vocals for the Bangles' Everything album — including the No. 1 hit "Eternal Flame" — totally naked.

    Susannah Hoffs looking '80s fab in the "Walk Like an Egyptian" video

    You can hear "Eternal Flame" below:

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    5. The Barenaked Ladies have also recorded songs, well, bare naked — and did it on six different albums.

    The Barenaked Ladies circa 1990

    You can hear "Alcohol" (one of their naked songs) below:

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    6. Here's something totally different but nevertheless very unusual: Billie Eilish recorded herself at the dentist getting her Invisalign attachments drilled off, then made the unsettling sound a key component of her hit “Bury a Friend.”

    Billie Eilish and a dental drill

    Eilish told the New York Times, "I was in the dentist’s chair and they were shaving off my Invisalign attachments, and it was this loud RRRRRRR sound and I thought it was so dope. I pulled out my phone immediately and pressed record."

    Billie Elish at the dentist as a dental assistant works on her teeth

    You can listen to "Bury a Friend" below:

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    7. Trent Reznor recorded Nine Inch Nails' signature album The Downward Spiral at 10050 Cielo Drive — the home where Charles Manson's followers murdered a pregnant Sharon Tate and four other people.

    Reznor dressed in black, leaning over a mic and singing

    Reznor named the recording studio he set up there Le Pig (a nod to how the Manson murderers scrawled "Pig" on the home's front door using Tate's blood), and over the next 18 months he recorded classics like "Hurt" and "Closer."

    Charles Manson in handcuffs

    8. H.R. — the lead singer of the hardcore band Bad Brains — recorded his vocals for the song "Sacred Love" over the phone while serving time in jail for marijuana possession.

    The band's album cover for "i against i"

    H.R. used his call to ring up the studio, and once the other end picked up, he could tell they were ready for him. He told Vice, "He [the song's producer] immediately began to do the level balance, and then I heard the music, and I just sang."

    An illustration of HR on the phone in jail

    You can hear "Sacred Love" below:

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    9. This is definitely the least scandalous one on the list, but still super interesting/unusual: Brittany Howard, the big-voiced lead singer of the band Alabama Shakes, recorded some of her vocals after putting anesthetic on her lips and tongue.

    Howard playing guitar and singing in a white dress at the Grammys

    You can hear "Run to Me" below:

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    10. Lastly, Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys started a fire in a bucket so that the studio smelled of smoke — and made his musicians wear firefighter helmets — while recording an instrumental track about the Great Chicago Fire.

    Brian Wilson wearing a fire helmet in front of a fire truck

    Thirty-seven years later, a healthier Brian Wilson released a rerecorded version of the Smile album — including a new version of "Fire," now entitled "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow."

    Brian Wilson at the 2005 Grammy Awards holding a Grammy

    You can hear "Fire" as recorded in 1967 below:

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